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Canadian Standards Strategy

The purpose of the Canadian Standards Strategy (CSS) is to provide direction and leadership on how to best use standardization to advance the social and economic well-being of Canadians in a global economy. A key priority is balancing health, safety and environmental concerns with trade, innovation and economic competitiveness.

First drafted in 2000, the CSS provides strategic direction to the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), the National Standards System (NSS) and the Canadian standardization community as a whole. It reflects consensus among stakeholders on those core issues that are integral to the maintenance and quality of the NSS. The CSS provides an overarching framework for cooperation between those who develop Canada's standards and conformity assessment programs, and those who use them.  

One of the key responsibilities of the SCC is to coordinate the renewal of the CSS through a meaningful consultation process with stakeholders and appropriate partners. The latest CSS renewal  (2009-2012) is underway, with SCC having sent out a questionnaire asking for input from stakeholders. Interested parties were also invited to comment at a facilitated session held during the June 2008 NSS Conference, and through the SCC's website. The resulting input will be incorporated into the version that will be submitted to the SCC's governing Council for final approval, and eventually published early in 2009.

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