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Interested in accreditation: how to apply

If you work for an organization that develops standards or that verifies conformity to standards, accreditation by the Standards Council of Canada is a means of demonstrating that your organization is credible and that its work is reliable.

Accreditations are based on international standards and guides. Exact requirements vary depending on the area of work for which the accreditation is being pursued.

Contact the Standards Council of Canada to obtain an application package.

How to apply for accreditation

  • Submit application form, required documents and fee

  • Pre-assessment: Initial review of application and requests for additional information or clarification
  • On-site Assessment
    • Assessors identify any areas or items that do not meet the specific program requirements and request corrective action
    • Additional witness audits and follow-up visits as set out in accreditation requirements
  • Post-assessment follow-up
    • Review of response to evidence of non-conformity
    • Acceptance of response and closure of non-conformity file
  • Approval
    • Report prepared including recommendation about whether or not to grant accreditation
    • Review by the Standards Council of Canada
    • Final decision
  • Accreditation
    • Upon approval, accreditation and trademark license agreements are signed
    • Notice of accreditation posted to Standards Council of Canada website

Unsuccessful applicants have the option of appealing the decision or re-applying.

Detailed requirements are described in Canadian Procedural Documents (CAN-Ps) and program handbooks for: