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Standards Council of Canada Releases Procedural Document on Granting and Maintaining SCC/SDO Harmonization


The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) has released CAN-P-1005, the procedural document for granting and maintaining SCC/SDO harmonization. This document has been prepared as a revision to CAN-P-1005B, Harmonization of National and International Development.

The concept of harmonization was approved by SCC’s Council in 1972. One of the primary objectives of this initiative was to encourage standards development organizations (SDOs) in Canada to move towards the adoption of recognized international standards as a basis of national standards whenever Canadian practices and conditions permit.

Harmonization was also designed to encourage SDOs to become more knowledgeable of the application of international standards and standards of those countries or regions which may influence development and application of National Standards of Canada.

In order for the SDOs to obtain accreditation by SCC, they must demonstrate a willingness to take part in the international standards work related to the development of international standards in the subject areas for which the SDO is actively participating.

Harmonization has the effect of concentrating expertise within a single group; interested stakeholders can synchronize communication, with the result of achieving a unified Canadian position. This supports more effective and credible Canadian participation at the international level. As well, it extensively increases the chances that a published International Standard will likely be more suitable for Canadian adoption.

For more information on CAN-P-1005 contact Keith Jansa, Program Manager, International Standards Development, at [email protected].

Download CAN-P-1005

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