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TITLE: Activity Report of JTC1/SC34 Japan
-- Web of SC34/Japan, JISs activity, etc. --
SOURCE: Y. Komachi
STATUS: Document for JTC1/SC34 meeting in Chicago
ACTION: For information
DATE: 1998-11-09
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons
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(ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Chairman)
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Activity Report of JTC1/SC34 Japan

-- Web of SC34/Japan, JISs activity, etc. --

1. SC34/Japan

Responding to JTC1 restructuring, JTC1/Japan established SC34/Japan and informed JTC1 to join SC34 as P member. SC34/Japan created its web page at

which includes hyperlinks to SC34 home and other related page, eg. SPDL/Japan. The web page of SPDL/Japan was relocated to

from due to the disbandment of olu project.

2. Review of SC34 Documents

SC34/Japan reviewed the following documents distributed by the SC34 Web Page and provided some comments:

  • Topic navigation map
  • SC34 structure

3. JIS's (Japanese Industrial Standards)

The following JIS and JIS/TR's were published:

JIS(JIS/TR) number and Title Date of issue Corresponding ISO
(or related standards)
JIS X 4153, DSSSL 1998-06-30 ISO/IEC 10179:1996(DSSSL)
TR X 0008, XML 1998-05-01 W3C XML
TR X 0010, DSSSL library 1998-10-20

4. Additional Font Properties

The Japanese font experts (in CICC: Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization and SC34/Japan) recognized that the existing ISO/IEC 9541 and its amendments cannot enough satisfy the user requirements, in particular, for the application of East Asian multilingual document interchange, where several languages are included within a document, page or a paragraph.

They held a conference, MLIT (International Symposium on Standardization of Multilingual Information Technology) in Hanoi, Vietnam, and discussed this topic. Most Asian countries, e.g., China, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Srilanka, Thailand, etc. dispatched their experts of document processing to the conference and confirmed the user requirements for multilingual document interchange and requirements for an extension to the ISO/IEC 9541.


With a support of SC34/Japan, JSA (Japan standardization Association) developed a DSSSL specification for JIS documents printing and interchange preserving style information. It was reported in the ISO/ITSIG meeting held on June 1998 at ANSI, New York. The presentation paper is shown at the Web: