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Resolutions of the SC34 Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 9-13 November 1998




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13 November 1998


SC34 "P" and "O" members and liaisons


SC34 N0002



Resolutions of the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 9-13 November 1998

SC 34 N0023

Resolution 1: JTC 1/SC 34 Confirmation of Liaisons


JTC 1/SC 34 confirms the following internal and external liaisons, as listed in SC 34 N004 Rev:




International SGML Users' Group (A Liaison)

ISO/TC 184/SC 4


JTC 1/SC 32



Resolution 2: Establishment of "C" Liaison with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


JTC 1/SC 34 approves the Expected Benefits and Responsibilities contained in SC 34 N21 and requests that the SC 34 Secretariat forward this document to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for confirmation and to JTC 1 for approval. SC 34 appoints Mr. Jon Bosak as the SC 34 representative to the W3C. The SC 34 Secretariat is also instructed to invite the W3C to appoint a liaison representative to SC 34.

Resolution 3: Appointment of the Unicode Consortium as Registration Authority for ISO/IEC 10036:1995


JTC 1/SC 34 notes the proposal to transfer the Registration Authority responsibilities for ISO/IEC 10036:1995 from AFII to the Unicode Consortium contained in SC34 N012. The proposal is acceptable to SC 34 only if the Unicode Consortium agrees to be the Registration Authority for all items covered by the standard as indicated in the liaison statement SC34 N0026. The SC 34 Secretariat is requested to forward the request to transfer the RA to JTC 1 for final approval upon confirmation that the revised proposal is acceptable to the Unicode Consortium.

Resolution 4: SC 34 Project Subdivision


SC 34 approves the following subdivision of Project 34.27.01:

Project Number Title Project Editor

ISO/IEC 9541-1:1991, Amendment 3 - Information Technology - Font Information Interchange - Part 1: Architecture - Amendment 3: Multilingual extensions to font resource architecture

Y. Komachi

Rationale: Documents interchanged in the internet environment are often required to be a multilingual mixture, i.e., described using multiple languages within a paragraph, a page or a document. Those multilingual documents should be rendered and represented according to appropriate multilingual formatting requirements. The existing standard ISO/IEC 9541 and its current Amendment can support multilingual font treatments. However, the properties defined in the standards are still insufficient to fully support multilingual mixtures for multilingual formatting.

SC 34 instructs its Secretariat to forward this project subdivision to JTC 1 for endorsement.

Resolution 5: JTC 1/SC 34 Structure


SC 34 approves the following Working Group Structure:

Working Group 1 -- Information Description

The activities of Working Group 1 include:

  • SGML (ISO 8879)
  • SDIF (ISO 9069)
  • Registration Procedures for SGML Public Identifiers (ISO/IEC 9070)
  • Technical Reports (ISO TR 9573)
  • Conformance Testing for SGML System (ISO/IEC 13673)
  • APIs for document processing

Working Group 2 -- Information Presentation

The activities of Working Group 2 include:

  • DSSSL (ISO/IEC 10179)
  • Fonts (ISO/IEC 9541)
  • Font Registration (ISO/IEC 10036)
  • SPDL (ISO/IEC 10180)
  • Font Services (ISO/IEC TR 15413)

Working Group 3 -- Information Association

The activities of Working Group 3 include:

  • Hypermedia
  • HyTime (ISO/IEC 10744)
  • Topic Navigation Maps (ISO/IEC 13250)
  • ISMID -- Interchange Standard for Modifiable Interactive Documents
  • HTML (ISO/IEC 15445)
  • SMDL (ISO/IEC 10743)

The SC 34 Secretariat is instructed to issue a three-month Call for Volunteers for Conveners (and Secretariats, if necessary) and National Body Experts for the above Working Groups following this meeting.

Resolution 6: Document Distribution Format


SC 34 agrees that the preferred format for document distribution is ISO-HTML (ISO/IEC 15445) and the SC 34 Secretariat is requested to circulate all documents in this format, whenever possible.

Resolution 7: Approval of SGML TC3

1 Abstention (U.K.)

SC34 accepts N0024 as the final text of TC3 to ISO 8879:1986 and instructs the editor to transmit it to the Secretariat for processing. SC34 also instructs the editor to prepare a revised text of TC2, incorporating the changes to it from TC3 and transmit it to the Secretariat for publication in lieu of two separate TCs.

Resolution 8: Font Services Technical Report (ISO/IEC CD 15413)


SC 34 approves the change to a Technical Report Type 1 for the Font Services project (JTC1.34.33) and instructs the SC 34 Secretariat to circulate the revised text of ISO/IEC DTR 15413 (SC 34 N20) for ballot.

Resolution 9: Report of Fonts Group of WG2


JTC 1/SC 34 accepts the Report of the Fonts Group (SC 34 N 19) submitted by WG2.

Resolution 10: Report of WG3


JTC1/SC34 accepts the Report of WG3, SC34 N25.

Resolution 11: Liaison Statements


SC34 accepts the following liaison statements:

Document Number                 To         Subject
SC34 N0026 AFII ISO/IEC 10036 Regsitration authority

Resolution 12: JTC1/SC 34 Future Meetings


SC 34 approves the following tentative meeting schedule:

Date Location Groups

19-23 April 1999

Granada, Spain

SC 34 Plenary and Working Group Meetings

November/December 1999

Philadelphia, PA

SC 34 Plenary and Working Group Meetings


Resolution A1: Hosting of Meeting

SC 34 expresses its appreciation to the Graphic Communications Association for hosting the first SC 34 Plenary Meeting in Bloomingdale, IL, USA.

Resolution A2: JTC1/SC34 Social Event

SC34 expresses its appreciation to Compaq Computer Corporation for the hosting of the Wednesday evening social event.

Resolution A3: Appreciation to Acting SC34 Chairman

JTC1/SC34 thanks Dr. James Mason, the Acting SC34 Chairman, for the leadership and support he provided at the SC34 meeting.

Resolution A4: Drafting Committee Appreciation

JTC1/SC34 thanks its drafting committee, consisting of Dr. Yushi Komachi, Dr. Doris Bernardini, Mr. Geoff Williams, and Ms. Marisa Topping for their diligent effort in developing the SC34 resolutions.