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Revised Draft Agenda for the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Meeting, 29 November (p.m.) -- 3 December 1999, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34



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Revised Draft Agenda


For information and review.


9 November 1999

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For Information


P & L Members, SC Chairman, WG Conveners

Draft Agenda for November 1999

Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34

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Please note that the JTC1/SC34 Plenary will meet as follows:

Opening Plenary:
Monday, 29 November - 1400 h -- 1700 h

The opening plenary is delayed to allow for late arrivals.

Closing Plenary:
Friday, 3 December - 0900 h -- 1200 h

SC34 Working Groups will meet from Tuesday, 30 November through Thursday, 2 December. Working Group Draft Agendas will be circulated shortly.

1. Opening of meeting (14:00)

2. Roll call of Delegates

3. Appointment of Drafting Committee

4. Adoption of the Agenda

Document: SC34 N 106

5. Chairman's Remarks

6. Secretariat's Remarks
6.1 Periodic Review of JTC 1/SC 34 Standards
Document: SC 34 N 97

7. Reports of ISO/IEC Liaisons
(Specific ISO/IEC liaisons will be added to the agenda upon receipt of written contributions to the Plenary).

8. Reports of External Liaisons

8.1 Final Liaison Statement from AFII Concerning ISO/IEC 10036
Document: SC 34 N 92

9. Reports of Working Groups

(Written Reports to be submitted by WG Conveners prior to the Plenary.)

9.1. Working Group 1 - Markup Languages (Convener: C. Goldfarb)

9.2. Working Group 2 - Information Presentation (Convener: Y. Komachi)

9.3. Working Group 3 - Information Association (Convener: S. Pepper)

10. ISO/IEC JTC1 Activities of Interest to SC34 and Review of Resolutions taken at the 1-5 November 1999 JTC1 Meeting, Seoul, Korea

Document: SC 34 N 86, 104, 105

11. Approval of Programme of Work and Target Dates

Document: SC 34 N 101, Part 5

12. Review and Confirmation of Liaisons

Document: SC 34 N 101, Part 2

13. Review and Confirmation of Project Editor Assignments

Document: SC 34 N 101, Part 5

14. Review and Approval of SC34 Meeting Calendar

Document: SC 34 N 101, Part 3

15. Other Business

16. Approval of Resolutions

17. Adjournment

Document distribution for closing plenary (optional: 1700 h, Thursday)

NOTE: WG Conveners should have documents which will be needed for the closing plenary ready for duplication at noon on Thursday and should be ready to indicate to the full working group at that time what items will be presented for decision (recommendations, liaison statements).