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TITLE: Resolutions of the Meeting of JTC1/SC34, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 29 November–3 December 1999
PROJECT: All SC34 projects
PROJECT EDITOR: All SC34 editors
STATUS: Approved meeting resolutions
ACTION: For information
DATE: 3 December 1999
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons
REPLY TO: Dr. James David Mason
(ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Chairman)
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Ms. Marisa Peacock, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 Secretariat
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Recommendations of the
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Meeting
Philadelphia, PA
29 November–3 December 1999

Resolution 1: Liaison Statements/Contributions

SC 34 Number



SC 34 N 123

JTC 1 Strategic Planning


Resolution 2: Request to JTC 1 to Post SC 34 Standards on the World Wide Web

JTC 1/SC 34 requests that JTC 1 approve the following SC 34 standards for posting on the World Wide Web:

ISO/IEC 10179:1996 Information Technology—Text Composition—Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL)

ISO/IEC 10743:199X Information Technology—Standard Music Description Language (when published in 2000)

ISO/IEC 10744:1997 Information Technology—Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language (HyTime)

ISO/IEC 13673:199X Information Technology—Conformance Testing for SGML Systems (when published in 2000)

ISO/IEC 15445:199X Information Technology—ISO-HTML (when published in 2000)

ISO/IEC 13250:199X Information Technology—Topic Maps (when published in 2000)

ISO 8879:1986 Information Processing—Text and Office Systems—Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) as amended

Resolution 3: Periodic Review of JTC 1/SC 34 Standards

JTC 1/SC 34 recommends that ISO/IEC 10180:1995, Information Technology—Text Composition—Standard Page Description Language (SPDL), up for five-year review in 2000 be reaffirmed, on the condition that a National Body provide an editor to maintain the standard.

Resolution 4: Registration Authority for ISO/IEC 10036

SC 34 notes the possibility of Japan's assuming responsibility of the Registration Authority for ISO/IEC 10036 and requests that a final decision on whether someone in Japan will be able to do this be taken by 1 June 2000.

Resolution 5: Approval of Program of Work, Target Dates and Project Editor Assignments

JTC 1/SC 34 approves the Program of Work, Target Dates and Project Editor Assignments contained in SC 34 N 101, as revised at its Plenary.

Resolution 6: Endorsement of WG Recommendations

JTC 1/SC 34 endorses the WG1, WG 2, and WG 3 Reports and Recommendations approved at the 29 November–3 December 1999 Working Group meetings in Philadelphia, PA.

Resolution 7: JTC 1/SC 34 Future Meetings

SC 34 approves the following tentative meeting schedule:

10–15 June 2000

Paris, France

SC 34 Plenary and Working Group Meetings

2–7 December 2000

Washington, DC

SC 34 Plenary and Working Group Meetings


Resolution A1: Hosting of Meeting

SC 34 expresses its appreciation to the Graphic Communications Association for hosting the Third SC 34 Plenary Meeting, in Philadelphia, PA.

Resolution A2: Appreciation to SC 34 Chairman

JTC1/SC 34 thanks Dr. Jim Mason, the SC 34 Chairman, for the leadership and support he provided at the SC 34 meeting. SC34 also thanks Ms. Marisa Peacock, its Secretariat, for her continuing support in the operation of the committee.

Resolution A3: Drafting Committee Appreciation

JTC1/SC 34 thanks its drafting committee, consisting of Dr. Yushi Komachi and Ms. Marisa Peacock for their effort in developing the SC 34 resolutions.