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TITLE: Disposition of comments report on ISO/IEC FDIS 15445
SOURCE: Editors of ISO/IEC 15445
STATUS: Submitted for NB approval.
REFERENCES: SC34 N 133 Final text of ISO/IEC 15445 (HTML): PostScript(tm) camera ready copy.
(Also available on-line.)
SC34 N 64 Final DIS Ballot for ISO/IEC 15445 (ISO HTML)
ACTION: For approval.
DATE: 2000-01-13

Disposition of comments report on ISO/IEC FDIS 15445

Comments were received from the National Body of the Netherlands. The editors also received editing instructions from Mr. John Spangler of the ISO ITTF.

Comments received

Netherlands NB Comment 1: Normative references.
Netherlands NB Comment 2: Replace "Conform to" by "meet".
Netherlands NB Comment 3: Remove subclause 8.1 (Byte order).
Rejected. The zero width no break space is removed from the interchanged document before it is presented to the parser. Characters FEFF or FFFE are therefore never seen by the parser and do not appear as "white space". We follow RFC2070 (HTML Internationalization), and our text is taken from that text. W3C(tm) also follow RFC2070. RFC2070 is also closely harmonized with the Unicode(tm) Standard and ISO/IEC 10646-1. Note that RFC2070 also refers to the detection of little-end and big-end order in UTF-16. Unicode calls a ZWNB space a BOM. See

Preparation of the IS

Following application of the NB comments and the ITTF editing instructions, your editors have prepared the camera ready copy of the International Standard in the form of a PostScript(tm) file.

Files containing the SGML Declaration and the Document Type Definition specified by ISO/IEC 15445 (ISO-HTML) are also available: