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TITLE: Defect Report on DSSSL (ISO/IEC 10179:1996)
SOURCE: SC34 Japan
STATUS: for creating TC to ISO/IEC 10179:1996
DATE: 2000-05-31
DISTRIBUTION: SC34/WG2 and Liaisons

Defect Report on DSSSL (ISO/IEC 10179:1996)

I. Keep and Space

[1] keep: characteristics on math-sequence []

There should be keep: on math-sequence. It is necessary to keep on display-group with keep:. When math-display-mode: is display, user would like to use characteristics on keep:. We need to add the following characteristics:

  • keep-with-previous?:
  • keep-with-next?:
  • keep:
  • may-violate-keep-before?:
  • may-violate-keep-after?:

[2] inline-space inner Inline-area [, etc.]

There should be new spacing characteristics on inline-area. It is necessary to keep space inner inline-area. Inline-space has never been studied so far. However it is clear that user would like to have spaces by object in inline-area. It is possible to establish the following characteristics :

  • inline-space-before:
  • inline-space-after:

The specifications on Inline-space set the placement for inline object inner inline-area.

When math-display-mode: is situated at inline, user will be able to specify space by the side of math-sequence for inline object.

II. Break

[3] paragraph-break flow object class [12.6.7]

Paragraph-break flow object class should be renamed display-break flow object class.

It is not necessary to use paragraph-break flow object class. Note the recommendation at 'NOTE 88'. However when user would like to transform BR tag of HTML to DSSSL flow object class, the paragraph-break would be needed by HTML backend user. Paragraph is separated by paragraph-break. If we think of paragraph as one of display-groups, the display-groups should be separated by display-break flow objects.

  • Display-break has a wide application.
  • Display-break flow objects is used the same atomic objects as paragraph-break to users.

III. Color

[4] color: on external-graphic flow object class [12.6.15]

Clarify behavior of color specification, in the case of color: specified on external-graphic by DSSSL user and it is implemented by graphic data with multi-color-specification.

IV. Box

[5] line-miter-limit: on box flow object class [12.6.18]

It is not necessary to be line-miter-limit: on box flow object class.

  • It is not necessary to use line-miter-limit: for a right angle.
  • Box has four right angles.

V. Method

[6] line-composition-method: [12.6.6]

It is necessary to make more explanation about line-composition-method:, what is registered and how to use line-composition-method: specification.

[7] line-breaking-method: [12.6.6]

It is necessary to explain more precisely about line-breaking-method:, what is registered and how to use line-breaking-method:. Clarify behavior for line-composition-method: and line-breaking-method:.

VI. Language and Country

[8] language: [12.6.6]

It is necessary to describe about behavior for language:.

[9] country: [12.6.6]

It is necessary to be describe about behavior for country:.

VII. Initial value

[10] Initial value [12.6]

It is necessary to remake initial values for DSSSL. If one initial value is not a valid value for the world, the initial value should be in the local initial value set for the language or the country. A good place to start is to think an initial value set of common sense for the world.


[11] meta-DTD [Annex A]

It is necessary to describe the URL of the meta-DTD file for DSSSL users.

[12] grove [9.6]

It is necessary to describe clearly the grove structure. For example, matrix on groves makes it clear.


[13] Clarify the relation with DSSSL and XSL

Current activities of formatting the SGML/XML document are focuses on XSL. The functionality of the XSL is not only a subset of DSSSL. With regard to this fact, Japan propose this migration path.

[14] DSSSL specification comment

  1. Add functionality to handle URI.
  2. Add functionality to handle XML Namespace.
  3. The library is needed to evaluate XPath as expression language.
  4. The library is needed to evaluate XSLT as query-construct rules.
  5. Grove should be partitioned to contain the XSL Data model as its subset.
  6. Add the numbered character reference by using Unicode codepoint.
  7. The omission of nl parameter, when it is same as (current-node), should be allowed in all of the SDQL and node-list procedures.
  8. The standard language objects should be available by using the IANA registration.