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TITLE: Proposed Technical Corrigendum 1 to ISO/IEC 10179:1996
SOURCE: Defect Editor (Shigeru Kaida)
STATUS: Proposed Technical Corrigendum
DATE: 2000-06-15
DISTRIBUTION: SC34/WG2 and Liaisons
REFER TO: ISO/IEC 10179:1996
REPLY TO: SC34/WG2 N32 (Defect report on DSSSL),
SC18/WG8 N1883, and SC18/WG8 N1918

Proposed Technical Corrigendum 1 to ISO/IEC 10179:1996
Text Composition - Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL)


This technical corrigendum corrects the errors in ISO/IEC 10179:1996.


4. Definitions

4.3.5 subtree

Add the following note:

NOTE 1.5 Subtree is a node-list of the node which will be achieved by applying the following procedure to the node-list that contains only the root node; Make an union of the node-list and their childrens without duplicates. When the output of the procedure is the same as the input, that is the node-list requested.

5. Notation and Conventions

5.2 Procedure Prototypes

Add "- string: string" on the list.

8. Expression Language

8.2.1 Variables and Regions

Delete the phrase ", or assignments of,". Lambda Expression

Change "(3 4 5 6)" at result of the first expression of EXAMPLE11 into "'3". Binding expressions

Change "right of the binding-spec" at let*-expression into "the end of the body". Syntax of Numerical Constants

Change "with the number name raised" in the last paragraph into "with the unit name raised".

8.5.8 Characters

Remove the space between backslash and string "space".

8.6.2 Procedures

Delete the following items in the procedures list:

  • format-number
  • format-number-list

Style Language

12.5.2 Length Specification

Add "(length-spec? obj)" to the list.

12.6.6 Paragraph Flow Object Class

Change "#f" into "0pt", in the initial value on asis-wrap-indent: characteristics.

Change "expand-tabs?:" into "expand-tabs:", in expand-tabs?: characteristics.

Change "0" into "0pt", in the initial value on last-line-justify-limit: characteristics.

Add "The inital value is start." on line-number-side: characteristics.

Add "The initial value is a space." on line-number-sep: characteristics.

12.6.18 Box Flow Object Class

Delete the line-miter-limit: characteristivs on box flow object class. Math-sequence Flow Object Class

Add the following characteristics:

  • keep-with-previous?:
  • keep-with-next?:
  • keep:
  • may-violate-keep-before?:
  • may-violate-keep-after?: Table-border Flow Object Class

Add the phrase "If there are conflicting borders of equal priority one from a table-border and one from a cell-border, the one from the table-border should win. If there are conflicting borders of equal priority, one with border-present?: #t and one with border-present?: #f, the one with border-present?: #t should win." on border-priority: characteristics.