ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 N 0183

NP Acceptance Criteria

Principle for NP Acceptance:

The existing JTC 1 Directives (cl. require the commitment of five National Bodies; in addition the criteria (proforma) defined in this paper shall also be satisfied.


o That the proposed NP acceptance criteria be applied at the initialization and the approval stages.

o That in accordance with existing procedures NP's may be initiated by SC's and or NB's.

o That SC's shall have a business plan which defines and justifies their work program.

o That NP's shall fall within the scope of the JTC 1 Business Plan and where applicable the SC Business Plan.

o That when a NP is initiated the proposer shall, in addition to existing requirements, complete the new proforma and submit it along with the NP. This proforma shall be circulated along with the NP ballot.

o That NB's during the balloting stage understand that in case of serious doubt, giving a firm negative vote would be helpful to ensure relevance and utilization of critical resources within JTC1.

o That JTC 1 provide input and direction to emphasize these criteria as a new approach for NP planning and NB balloting.

o That the JTC 1 secretariat engage in modification to the JTC 1 procedures related to NP's and their balloting.

NB Procedure for NP Ballot:

The following proforma is proposed for providing evaluation criteria for NP acceptance.

The procedure for NB determination of a NP ballot remains as in the existing procedure at the NB level. There is now with this proposed proforma additional information which provides raw intelligence to aid NB's in their determination. The NB's when responding to the NP shall, where possible, relate any comments to the criteria assessments made by the proposer on the Proforma.





A Business Requirement

A.1 Market Requirement

Essential ___
Desirable _X_
Supportive ___

A query language (or Data Model) is needed to enable Topic Maps to serve as an appropriate tool for querying the Internet.

A.2 Regulatory Context

Essential ___
Desirable ___
Supportive ___
Not Relevant __X_

B. Related Work

B.1 Completion/Maintence of current standards

Yes __X_

This project will be part of a series of Technical Reports that contribute to the understanding and implementation of ISO/IEC 13250, Topic Maps.

B.2 Commitment to other organization

Yes ___

None yet (officially). Liaison is proposed with the W3C and TopicMaps.Org.

B.3 Other Source of standards

Yes ___

C. Technical Status

C.1 Mature Technology

Yes _X__

Topic Maps are widely being implemented in the Knowledge Management industry.

C.2 Prospective Technology

Yes _X__

Work is proposed with the W3C to unify Topic Maps with RDF (Resource Description Framework).

C.3 Models/Tools

Yes _X__

This will be one of several models associated with Topic Maps.

D. Conformity Assessment and Interoperability

D.1 Conformity Assessment

Yes ___

D.2 Interoperability

Yes _X__

SGML (ISO 8879), HyTime (ISO/IEC 10744, XML (W3C Recommendation)

E. Other Justification

Notes to Proforma

A. Business Relevance. That which identifies market place relevance in terms of what problem is being solved and or need being addressed.

A.1. Market Requirement. When submitting a NP, the proposer shall identify the nature of the Market Requirement, assessing the extent to which it is essential, desirable or merely supportive of some other project.

A.2 Technical Regulation. If a Regulatory requirement is deemed to exist - e.g. for an area of public concern e.g. Information Security, Data protection, potentially leading to regulatory/public interest action based on the use of this voluntary international standard - the proposer shall identify this here.

B. Related Work. Aspects of the relationship of this NP to other areas of standardization work shall be identified in this section.

B.1 Competition/Maintenance. If this NP is concerned with completing or maintaining existing standards, those concerned shall be identified here.

B.2 External Commitment. Groups, bodies, or fora external to JTC1 to which a commitment has been made by JTC for cooperation and or collaboration on this NP shall be identified here.

B.3 External Std/Specification. If other activities creating standards or specifications in this topic area are known to exist or be planned, and which might be available to JTC1 as PAS, they shall be identified here.

C. Technical Status. The proposer shall indicate here an assessment of the extent to which the proposed standard is supported by current technology.

C.1 Mature Technology. Indicate here the extent to which the technology is reasonably stable and ripe for standardization.

C.2 Prospective Technology. If the NP is anticipatory in nature based on expected or forecasted need, this shall be indicated here.

C.3 Models/Tools. If the NP relates to the creation of supportive reference models or tools, this shall be indicated here.

D. Any other aspects of background information justifying this NP shall be indicated here.

D. Conformity Assessment and Interoperability

D.1 Indicate here if Conformity Assessment is relevant to your project. If so, indicate how it is addressed in your project plan.

D.2 Indicate here if Interoperability is relevant to your project. If so, indicate how it is addressed in your project plan.