Document Description and Processing Languages


                      ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 N211


                      Date:                      2001-05-08



                      Document Type:                      Summary of Voting/Table of Replies

                      Document Title:                      Summary of Voting on SC 34 N 187 - Proposed Technical Corrigendum 1 to

                        ISO/IEC 10180:1995 - Standard Page Description Language (SPDL) 


                      Document Source:  SC 34 Secretariat


                      Project Number:


                      Document Status:                      Based on the results of this ballot, this Technical Corrigendum is APPROVED,

                        and will be forwarded to the Project Editor for proper formatting for submission

                        to ITTF for publication.


                      Action ID:       COM


                      Due Date:


                      No. of Pages:                      4



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