Title: Information technology -- Text and office systems -- Regular Language Description for XML (RELAX) -- Part 1: RELAX Core
 Document: ISO/IEC DIS 22250-1 Info  Committee: JTC 1/SC 34
 Start date (CET): 2000-11-02  End date (CET): 2001-05-02
 ISO/CS ballot closing date (CET): 2001-05-10  Voting phase: Enquiry
 Status: CLOSED  Version: 1
 Vienna Agreement: FT    

P-Members voting: 12 in favour out of 15 = 80 % (requirement >= 66.66%)
(P-members having abstained are not counted in the vote)
Member bodies voting: 3 negative votes out of 18 = 16.67 % (requirement <= 25%)
   Country   Member   Participation   Voted   Comments file  Info
  Australia SAI P Abstention    
  Belgium IBN P Abstention    
  Brazil ABNT P Abstention    
  Canada SCC P Approval    
  China CSBTS P Approval    
  Czech Republic CSNI P Abstention    
  Denmark DS P Approval    
  Egypt EOS O Approval    
  Finland SFS P Approval    
Comment File France AFNOR P Disapproval ISO/IEC_DIS_22250-1_AFNOR Info
  Germany DIN P Abstention    
  Ireland NSAI P Approval    
  Italy UNI P Approval    
Comment File Japan JISC P Approval with comments ISO/IEC_DIS_22250-1_JISC Info
  Korea, Dem. P. Rep. of CSK P    
  Korea, Republic of KATS P Approval    
Comment File Netherlands NEN P Approval with comments ISO/IEC_DIS_22250-1_NEN Info
  New Zealand SNZ P Approval    
  Norway NSF P Approval    
  Portugal IPQ P Abstention    
  Russian Federation GOST R O Approval    
  Slovenia SMIS P Approval    
  South Africa SABS P Abstention    
  Spain AENOR O Approval    
  Sweden SIS P Abstention    
  Switzerland SNV P Abstention    
Comment File United Kingdom BSI P Disapproval ISO/IEC_DIS_22250-1_BSI Info
Comment File USA ANSI S Disapproval ISO/IEC_DIS_22250-1_ANSI Info