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Title: Report and recommendations of WG1
Source: Charles F. GOldfarb, Convewnor, JTC1/SC34/WG1
Project: All WG! Projects
Project editor: All WG1 Editors
Date: 24 May 2001
Distribution: SC34 and Liaisons
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Report and recommendations of WG1

WG1 considered the BSI concern about the propriety of the ballot on N212 and concluded that it was outside the scope of WG1.

WG1 considered the content of the Relax TR (N212) in the light of JTC1 regulations and concluded unanimously that it is a Type 2 TR. The WG felt strongly that there was no reasonable possibility of concluding otherwise.

WG1 approved the following recommendations:

  1. WG1 approves the NP submitted by Martin Bryan of BSI, as modified during discussion (SC34 N223), and authorizes him to complete the text and forward it to SC34 for ballot.
  2. WG1 accepts the report of the Editor of TR9573-11 (SC34 N224) and requests that he maintain liaison with ISO/CS and submit an agreed text for an amendment.
  3. WG1 requests that SC34 advise JTC1 and the ITTF of its unanimous determination that the Relax TR is a Type 2 TR and not a Type 3.