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Title: UK position on QA of multipart standards developed by SC 34
Source: BSI-DISC for UK ‘P’ member of IISO.IEC JTC 1/SC 32
Project: All SC34 Projects
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Status: For consideration at the forthcoming meeting of SC 34 in Barcelona, 18-24 May 2002
Date: 2002-05-03
Distribution: SC34 and Liaisons
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Quality Assurance for SC34 Standards

The UK National Body feels that, with the development of multipart standards for both Topic Maps and DSDL, SC34 should consider how it is to ensure that the various parts of multipart standards adequatelywork together. Some form of QA process, which is independent of the editors of the various parts, needs to be introduced to enable the relationships between each part to be reviewed at each formal stage of development and prior to the publication of new parts.

To make it possible to review adequately the relationships between the different parts, the scheduling of work should ensure that there is sufficient time for National Bodies to obtain consensus from their local experts, not all of whom can attend SC34 meetings, prior to meetings at which documents are to be approved for submission for balloting. (It is noted that where a CD is to be considered at a meeting, the text should, according to JTC1 Directives, be made available at least three months before the meeting. Other documents for which agreement is required should be made available 4 weeks before the meeting.)

Any WG Recommendation to progress a draft standard to a subsequent development stage or approval  ballot should be the subject of a specific SC 34 Resolution so that National Bodies can vote separately on the progression of each individual draft.

NB: It should be noted that the UK national body will not, in future, be able to approve documents which have not been submitted widely for review with sufficient time to obtain a consensus among our experts and the organizations they represent.


Geoff Williams
For UK ‘P’ Member