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TITLE: Proposed Technical Corrigendum 2 to ISO/IEC 10036:1996
SOURCE: Defect Editor
PROJECT: JTC1.34.27.04
STATUS: Proposed Technical Corrigendum
ACTION: Ballot for corrigendum
DATE: 2002-05-19
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons
REFERERENCE: WG2 N76 (SC34 N0218) Defect report, and
WG2 N92 Additional defect report
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Proposed Technical Corrigendum 2 to
ISO/IEC 10036:1996
Font information interchange — Procedures for registration of font-related identifiers

This technical corrigendum corrects the registration procedures mainly to be appropriate for IT environment.

Page 2, clause 3.7

Remove the 2nd sentence "ISO/IEC ... by the technical standard."

Page 3, clause 5.2, paragraph 1

Replace "by mail" with "by postal mail or email".

Page 4, clause 6, paragraph 1, 2nd sentence

Replace "the registrar shall" with "the registrar should".

Page 4, clause 6.1, paragraph 2,
Page 5, clause 6.2, paragraph 2,
Page 6, clause 6.3, paragraph 2,
Page 7, clause 6.4, paragraph 2, and
Page 8, clause 6.5, paragraph 2

Replace "the registration number 'm' in ... inclusive" with "the registration number 'm' of a positive integer".

Page 6, clause 6.2.1 c)

Replace "with shorter glyph identifiers" with "with shorter collection identifiers".

Page 10, clause B.5, and
Page 15, clause C.5

Replace "SPDL font reference" with "ISO/IEC 10180 font reference".

Page 15, Figure C.4

Replace ".afii61859" and ".afii61863" with "afii61859" and "afii61863" respectively.