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TITLE: Recommendations of May 2002 Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG1 in Barcelona
PROJECT: All WG1 projects
STATUS: Recommendations of WG1 meeting in Barcelona
ACTION: Agreed recommendations
DATE: 22 May 2002
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

Recommendations of May 2002 Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG1 in Barcelona

1. Amendment 1 to ISO 9573-xx

WG1 recommends the acceptance of N311 as the proposed text for an amendment to the appropriate part of ISO/IEC 9573 to support the addition of currency symbols from ISO 8859 Part 15 to the ISO-num character entity set

2. RELAX Namespaces TR

WG1 recommends that it dispose of comments for the RELAX Namespaces TR fast track at its next meeting in December 2002.

3. Normative citations

WG1 recommends that SC34 recognize that OASIS Standards, W3C Recommendations and IETF Standards Track Specifications have authoritative status and wide acceptance and are publicly available. Therefore, they may be cited normatively in SC34 Standards, in accordance with 6.2.2 of the ISO Directives Part 2 (4th ed.).

4. Editors for ISO/IEC 19757

WG1 appoints the following editors for ISO/IEC CD19757, "Document Schema Definition Languages (DSDL)":

  • Part 0: Overview, G. Ken Holman (Canada)
  • Part 1: Interoperability framework, Eric van der Vlist (ISUG)
  • Part 2: Grammar-based validation – RELAX-NG, James Clark (UK)
  • Part 3: Rule-based validation – Schematron, Rick Jelliffe (Australia)
  • Part 4: Selection of validation candidates, Makoto Murata (Japan)
  • Part 5: Datatypes, Martin Bryan (UK)
  • Part 6: Path-based integrity constraints, James Clark (UK)
  • Part 7: Character repertoire validation, Diederik Gerth van Wijk (Netherlands)
  • Part 8: Declarative document manipulation, G. Ken Holman (Canada)
  • Part 9: Datatype- and namespace-aware DTDs

5. Progressing ISO/IEC 19757-2 project

WG1 recommends the acceptance of N320 as a DIS for 19757 Part 2: Grammar-based validation -- RELAX-NG

6. Revising ISO 9573-11

SC34 accepts N305 as the proposed text of ISO/IEC TR 9573-11, Second Edition , and instructs the editor to forward it to the SC34 Secretariat for ballot and processing.

A. Acclamation

WG1 expresses its appreciation to Dyomedea and Eric van der Vlist for the support of WG1 through web site hosting and associated services

B. WG1 Meetings Schedule

  • December 2002 in Baltimore, MD, USA