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Agenda for WG1 meeting, London, May 3rd - 4th 2003


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4 April 2003




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Meeting Agenda

The meeting will be convened 10 minutes after the start of the SC34 plenary meeting on the morning of 3rd May. It will finish at 5.30pm on that day, and be reconvened at 9am on the 4th May, with an anticipated finish of 5.30pm on that day.

The following issues will be discussed in an order agreed during the first of the items listed below.

1. Agenda order, including identification of any missing items.

2. Renumbering of parts/Incorporation of Part 0 into Part 1

3. Part 0
    a) Comments on CD
    b) Proposed extended text prepared by Martin Bryan

4. Part 1: Framework
    a) Relationship with Part 4
    b) Current proposals
5. Part 3: Rule-based validation
    a) Possible role of Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) Specification ( for Rule-base validation
    b) Need to review DSD2

6. Part 4: Selection of Validation Canditates
   a) Comments on CD
   b) James Clarke's Modular Namespaces proposal
   c) Rick Jelliffe's Namespace Switchboard proposal

7. Part 5: Datatypes
    a) Comments on W3C datatypes
    b) Japanese proposal on Mobile Subset of XML Schema

8. Part 8: Declarative Document Manipulation
    a) Joseph Lubell's paper on the use of AFDR

Due to the amount of work needed to be covered in the course of the meetings it is anticipated that a time limit will be placed on the discussion of items, though every attempt will be made to come back to time limited items after other scheduled items have been completed.

In the event of editorial panels being required to go over text in details these can be convened on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the schedules of meetings. All documents to be submitted to SC34 for approval must be submitted to the SC34 convenor for circulation no later than 12:00 on Wednesday May 7th.

A brief meeting of WG1 members to discuss any issues that need to be raised at the plenary will take place in the XML UK reception to be held immediately prior to the SC34 closing plenary (from 7pm to 8pm on May 7th.) This discussion will commence at 7:15 promptly. The closing SC34 plenary is currently scheduled for 8pm. If this meeting timing is changed the WG1 meeting will start 30 minutes before the closing plenary.