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Draft Agenda for WG3 meeting, May 2003


Steve Pepper, Convener of SC34/WG3


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Official draft agenda

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The Working Group will meet on May 2nd-5th to continue work on Topic Maps and other projects, with particular emphasis on the restatement of ISO 13250.


13 April 2003


SC34 and liaisons

Draft Agenda

May 2003 Meeting: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG3

Document Description and Processing Languages: Information Association

Dates: 2-5 May 2003

Location: London, UK (for details see Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda for SC34, N378)

1. Schedule

The WG will convene at 9am prompt on Friday May 2nd. Attendees are requested to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier in order to exchange pleasantries, set up computers, etc. Full day meetings will be held on all four days, except for Saturday morning, when the SC34 opening plenary takes place. Wireless networking may be available, so bring please bring WiFi cards if possible.

2. Agenda

The following timetable suggests an order of business based as far as possible on requests received from delegates who cannot be present on all four days. Minor adjustments may be made during the meeting. Expected durations (in parentheses) are only intended to provide a rough indication of the time likely to be spent on each topic.

Friday May 2nd

  • Greetings, roll call, approval of draft agenda, meeting times, and the like.
  • Road Map and Timetable of Work (2 hrs) Documents: N278, N323, N358, N388
  • XTM - XTM Syntax and Specification (2 hrs) Documents: N398, N399
  • HyTM - HyTM Syntax and Specification (3 hrs) Documents: N391

Saturday May 3rd

  • SC34 Plenary (2 hrs) Documents: N378, N379, N380, N381, N382
  • TMCL - Topic Map Constraint Language (2 hrs) Documents: N4xx
  • RM - Reference Model - Introduction and discussion (3 hrs) Documents: N393

Sunday May 4th

  • SAM - Standard Application Model - Remaining issues (4 hrs) Documents: N396, N397
  • CXTM - Canonical XTM and conformance (3 hrs) Documents: N395

Monday May 5th

All day
  • TMQL - Topic Map Query Language - Workshop (5 hrs) Documents: N249, tolog, AsTMa
  • WG Plenary: Recommendations for SC34 (2 hrs)