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TITLE: Requirements for Amd.2 to ISO/IEC 10179 (DSSSL)
STATUS: User requirements
ACTION: Project creation for Amd.2 to DSSSL
DATE: 2003-05-03
DISTRIBUTION: SC34/WG2 and Liaisons
REPLY TO: Dr. Yushi Komachi, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG2 Convener
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Dr. James David Mason, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Chairman
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Ms. Sara Desautels, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Secretariat
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Requirements for Amd.2 to ISO/IEC 10179 (DSSSL)

Additional FOC

Following additional FOC is additional characteristics toward current DSSSL standard. Current DSSSL standard is not corresponded enough for users' and stylesheet writers' needs. Most of additional FOC has already corresponded as external definition file, implemented by DSSSL processing system, and introduced in current working system. Therefore, following additions are extremely strong demand from customer and stylesheet writer.

[1] Additional characteristics toward individual FOC

1.1 FOC line-field

  • inhibit-justify-space

    Designate inhibition of justify space before/after FOC line-field.

1.2 FOC link

  • bookmark? / bookmark-level / bookmark-title

    Add function which generates bookmark for PDF to FOC link

1.3 FOC display-group

  • Function ext-line-number
  • Characteristics ext-line-number-position / ext-line-number-interval / ext-line-number-sep / ext-line-number-side

    For the function to generate line number in FOC display-group's attachment area, add ext-line-number.

    Add ext-line-number-position, ext-line-number-interval, ect-line-number-sep, ext-line-number-side as controling characteristics for function ext-line-number

1.4 FOC external-graphic

  • inhibit-expansion / inhibit-reduction

1.5 FOC sideline

  • sidedline-shift

1.6 FOC superscript

  • superscript-height

1.7 FOC subscript

  • subscript-depth

1.8 FOC table-cell

  • cell-row-height

1.9 FOC table-row

  • keep

[2] Additional common characteristics toward display FOC




[3] Additional common characteristics





[4] Additinal functions

Function (define-column-set-model)

Function (define-page-model)

[5] Japanese Formatting Rule

5.1 Continuous Punctuation

Continuous punctuation process is when a sort od punctuation spacing em (en space behind mask) and parenthesis of em space (en space in front of and behind nark) are continuous, cut en space and line up marks side by side

  • kern-ja / kern-ja-post / kern-ja-pre / kern-ja-mid

5.2 Kerning Process on top and end of line

  • kern-linestart-ja / kern-linestart-ja-post / kern-lineend-ja /

5.3 Line Boundary Character

Line boundary character check is automatic run-off process for the limited letters and punctuations which shall not be positioned on top or end of line

  • kinsoku-ja / kinsoku-ja-gyotoh / kinsoku-ja-gyomatsu

[6] Other Features

6.1 Flow object score plotting position

When you draw score on a flow object subscript or superscript, designate whether score position shall ne adjust to leter by up, down, or not.

  • socore-subscript / score-superscript

6.2 Characteristics line-dash

Designate unit of length of line-dash pattern

  • linedash-unit

6.3 Index

On index, if there are two or more same page numbers, designate whether repeated page number

  • uniq-indexpage

6.4 Delimiter Character

Designatethe delimiter character of page numbers to be deleted on case of two or more overlapped page numbers for one item on index, and overlapped page numbers to be deleted.

  • uniq-indexpage-divide / delimiter

6.5 English douments process

Designate to word-wrap English word or not

  • wordrap

6.6 Flow object paragraph

Designate to execute line feed even if there are no contents in flow object paragraph or not

  • emptypara-linebreak / onelinepara-lastlinequadding

6.7 Flow object line-feed

  • emptylinefield-space