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TITLE: Comments on SC34 N0429: Topic Maps Reference Model - Requirements
SOURCE: SC34/Japan
STATUS: Documents for SC34/WG3 meeting, 2003-08
ACTION: For information and discussion in the SC34/WG3 meeting
DATE: 2003-07-25
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons
REFER TO: SC34 N0429: Topic Maps Reference Model - Requirements
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Comments on SC34 N0429: Topic Maps Reference Model - Requirements

(1) An additional section

There should be a section of purposes and benefits, in which the purposes and benefits of TMRM should be described clearly and attractively.

SC34 N323, Guide to the topic map standards, includes the paragraph:

The Reference Model provides a mechanism for explaining the relationships between different knowledge representations, such as topic maps, RDF, and KIF. This will make it easier for topic maps to interoperate with these other knowledge representations.
It sounds an important purpose of TMRM and therefore should be included in the section of purposes and benefits.

The section of purposes and benefits is requested to clarify recipients of the benefits as well as the benefits themselves.

(2) section 1.2, item 4

In the description:

Comprehensively define the merging rules of ISO 13250:2002 in terms of relationship types.
why "in terms of relationship types"?

(3) section 2.3, last para

In the description:

..., this will allow users of the model to choose less-complete models of merger for both syntaxes and data models, ...
what is the "less-complete models" and why "less"?