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TITLE: Working Draft of ISO/IEC TR 19758/Amd.3: Extensions to Multilingual Compositions
SOURCE: Project editors
PROJECT ID: tr19758a3
PROJECT EDITOR: Yushi Komachi and Gen Nagamura
STATUS: Working Draft
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2003-12-08
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Working Draft of ISO/IEC TR 19758/Amd.3: Extensions to Multilingual Compositions

(1) Interline note

Replace the paragraph with the following.

"An interline note is composed within a line space and at the side (upper/lower side in horizontal composition, or right side in vertical composition) of words or phrases to be noted. Character locations in a line and interlinenote in horizontal composition are illustrated in Figure 1."

And add the following note.

"Note: An interline note in horizontal composition may take vertically composed text, and vice versa."


4.17.1 Ordered list

Add the following notes.

"Note: Bullet items in an ordered list may take spelled-out numbers or words, not numerals."

"Note: To indicate the level of nesting, bullet items may be duplicated or multiplicated as many times as the level of nesting, instead of having nested numbering."


Add the following subclause.

4.29 First paragraph identification

To indicate the beginning of an article, the entire first paragraph may have a distinct typeface or other relevent representation from the rest of the article.