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TITLE: Revised Comment disposition of JTC 1/SC 34 N 363 CD Ballot for 19757-4 - DSDL Part 4 - Selection of Validation , Philadelphia, 6-7 December 2003
PROJECT: 19757-4 - DSDL Part 4
ACTION: Based on the revised comment disposition, the Project Editor is requested to create a text for the FCD
DATE: 12 December 2003
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons
REPLY TO: Dr. James David Mason
(ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34 Chairman)
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Mr. G. Ken Holman, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 Secretariat
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1. General

After the CD ballot for DSDL part 4, WG1 published a comment disposition document (N415). However, in December 2003, WG1 studied NRL (Namespace Routing Language), which is an input to the FCD creation process, and agreed to revise the comment disposition accordingly.

This document shows how comment dispositions in N415 are revised. Unless explicitly overriden, dispositions in N415 still apply.

2. Revisions based on NRL

(1) Introduce <namespace>, <anyNamespace>, <validate>, <allow>, <reject>, <mode>, concurrent validation, <context> of NRL.

(2) Introduce depth-interleaved (i.e., the combination of <unwrap/> and <attch/>) This is a change to Japan#9.

(3) Introduce anonymous modes by block scoping. Anonymous modes are inherited.

(4) Do not introduce <cover>. This is a change to MNS#1.

(5) Do not introduce <lax>. This is a change to MNS#2.

(6) The name of this part DSDL Namespace-based Validaiton Dispatching Language and the acronym is NVDL. This is a change to Editor#5.

(7) Drop inclusion. This is a change to Japan#16. But see (4) in Section 4.

(8) Drop the option "foreign" which comes from the CD. However, the editor is instructed to provide a detailed note about this option in the FCD.

(9) Provide identifiers for specifying the schema language in <validate> elements. This is a revision to MNS#3.

3. No changes in spite of NRL

(1) Allow in-line schemas

(2) Drop built-in modes of NRL (block scoping already allows compact NRL schemas)

(3) Drop mode inheritance. But see (4) in Section 4.

4. Others

(1) Wildcards

Introduce wildcards for specifying namespace URIs of <namespace> elements (This is a revision to MNS#6). The wildcard character is indicated by the attribute "wildcard" of namespace elements.

(2) Parameter or option passing

The same as in NRL. However, the editor is instructed to add a note about future alignment with the other parts of DSDL.

(3) The result of <validate/>

Unless specified otherwise, NVDL implementations must provide a mapping from sets of sections to sets of diagnostic reports. A diagnostic report may or may not be associated with elements or attributes in the original source tree.

Diagnostic reports are either issued by validators for subschemas or copied from NVDL schemas.

(4) Mode reuse and overriding

Introduce a mechanism for mode reuse and overriding. This mechanism replaces mode inheritance of NRL. When combined with other mechanisms for textual substitution (e.g., XInclude and external parsed entities), this mechanism provides "include" (Japan#16).

(5) Validation processes

Allow validation processes not to require explicit specifications of schemas.