JTC 1 Questionnaire, Standards  Availability and Packaging, January 2004

Version 0.3



As a follow-up to resolution 26 of its 1999 Seoul plenary meeting, JTC 1 has initiated discussions with ISO on the availability of its standards.  Key to this work was the perception from many JTC 1 members and experts that ISO pricing of JTC 1 standards is significantly hampering the ability of JTC 1 standards to influence the ICT global industry and facilitate international commerce.  This is exacerbated in some ICT areas by the policies of some industry consortia to make their specifications and standards available for download for free.


The objective of this questionnaire is to gather additional inputs directly from JTC 1 participants and technical experts, and to determine the willingness of the experts to assist in the development of innovative JTC 1 standards package to enhance interest in using JTC 1 products.



1.      Your committee's number:





2.      Your role in the committee:




3.      The type of organization you are working for:


Manufacturing: ______

Services: ______

Government: ______

Standards development: ______

Consulting: ______

Academic: ______

Other: ______



4.      Today's date: 



5.      In your opinion, how do the standards you have worked on contribute to facilitate global ICT commerce?  Check what is applicable:



______ By influencing products design


______ By influencing governmental regulations


______ By influencing professional certifications


______ By influencing other standards


______ Other, please elaborate:





6.      In your organization, what is the amount (in US $) that can be spent on publications by technical personnel without prior authorization?





7.      Would any of the following increase the adoption of the standards you have been working on or are working on? Please answer on a scale of 0 ("Not at all") to 5 ("A great deal"):



Colour documents:______


Embedded Advertisements Within The Electronic Document:______






Automatic Updates ($100/Year/SC for instance):______


Bundle Pricing (Both For Updates and For Entire SCs):______


Downloadable package of collections of related standards:________


CD packaged collections of related standards:________


Hypertext edition of packaged collection of related standards:______


“Timed Out” CD – Use For Short Period Of Time (No Copying) Then Invalidates

SCs To Provide Summary/Cover Of Standard As “Tickler” :______


“Value Add” CD – Standard Plus Hyperlinks To Web Sites That Contain Additional Information (Implementation, Market Share, Consortia Efforts, Training) :______


Bundling Of A Technology Family :______


Bundling To Respond To A Particular Business Need :______


Bundle Of Standards To Build Standards --- Guide 2, 2382 Series, 704, 1087, 10241, 16642, 12260, 15836 :______


Systematically Adopt Policies (Copyright) That Encourage The Authorship Of Books Promoting JTC 1 Standards :______


Shareware  Concept (Get Document First Without The “Key Figures”, Pay For Document, Get Entire Standard To Implement) :______


Special Education Offer (Classroom Pricing):______


Special “Developing Country” Pricing:______


Free Copies Of Standards To Those That Produce The Content, Invite Them To Promote Its Usage/Purchase:______





Other, please elaborate:____




8.      Do you have a proposal for a package listed in question 7









9.      If yes, can you elaborate by specifying the standards that should be included?















10.  Would you be willing to volunteer to implement the above?  If yes, please give us your name and e-mail address.







11.  Please let us have any further ideas or suggestion here.
















Thank you.