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TITLE: Recommendations of WG1
SOURCE: Mr. Martin Bryan
STATUS: WG Recommendations
ACTION: For approval by SC34
DATE: 2004-04-20
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

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Recommendations of April 2004 Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG1 in Amsterdam

1. Withdrawal of Part 2 of ISO 22250

WG1 requests the removal of Part 2 of ISO 22250 from SC34’s program of work now that this work has been incorporated into ISO 19757.

2. Review of new documents relating to ISO 19757

Noting that revised drafts for Parts 3, 4 and 7 of ISO 19575 were received only days before the meeting, allowing insufficient time for national body review and comment at this meeting, and that the submitted documents were still incomplete, WG1 recommends that national bodies informally review these draft documents electronically, getting any comments to editors before 20th May. Editors are instructed to prepare final versions of the documents for ballot by 1st June so that documents may be formally reviewed by the 7th September. WG1 will call a meeting to discuss submitted comments in Cambridge, England on 18th – 20th September, in conjunction with the XMLOpen conference being organized at the same location.

3. Liaison of WG1 with Character Repertoire Definition Standards SC2 and SC22

WG1 recommends that the editor of Part 7 liaises with Keld Simonsen of SC2 and SC22 to determine whether their standards can be adapted to provide a referable XML representation of user-defined character sets that can be used to extend the proposals made by Rick Jeliffe for using character sets within Schematron constructs.

4. Reaffirmation of other parts of ISO 19757

Recognizing that parts of the ISO 19757 depend on the functionality provided in preceding parts, WG1 recommends that all existing parts in its program of works be retained, while noting that the role and scope of these parts will need to be reviewed, and may change, as those parts currently being worked on change their scope. Editors have been identified for Part 8 and Part 9, subject to approval from BSI: Martin Bryan will edit Part 8, and Francis Cave will edit Part 9. Part 5 will now be assigned to Alex Brown. An editor for Part 6 will be appointed as soon as the scope of the standard has been accurately defined.

5. Removal of ISO 9573 as a project

As the only on-going work of ISO 9573 concerns Part 13, WG1 recommends that other projects relating to this standard be removed from the SC34 project list.

A. Acclamation

WG1 expresses its appreciation to Dyomedea in France and Eric van der Vlist for the support of WG1 through web site hosting and associated services

B. WG1 Meetings Schedule

  • 18th – 20th September 2004 in Cambridge, England