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TITLE: Minutes of SC34/WG1 Meeting, 18th April 2004
SOURCE: Mr. Martin Bryan
STATUS: Meeting minutes
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2004-04-18
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

Dr. James David Mason
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Mr. G. Ken Holman
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Minutes of SC34/WG1 Meeting, 18th April 2004

    Martin Bryan
    Alex Brown
    Keld Simonsen
    Diederik Gerth van Wijk

* Not present for all of meeting

The meeting convened at 1pm on 18th April and ended at 5pm on 18th April.

Three documents have been submitted for committee review in the week prior to the meeting, but as they had not been submitted in time for national body review they could not be discussed at the meeting. They are to be reviewed by interested bodies between now and the middle of May, comments being submitted electronically to the dsdl-discuss mailing list. The editors are to produce final versions of their documents for 1st June so that the documents can be balloted by national bodies in time for review at a special working group meeting to be held in Cambridge, England from 18-20 September 2004.

Keld Simonsen asked that WG1 review the relationship between DSDL standards and the work being done on character repertoire specification in SC2 and SC22, where language-specific sets of characters are being defined as part of locale definition standards. He was asked to consider providing XML-coded versions of the locale-specifications that could be referenced in Part 7. Diederik agreed to work with him to determine how we could develop a single technique for creating user-defined character sets that could be used within a range of ISO standards.

Diederik commented on Rick Jeliffe's recent proposal for a Schematron-based Part 7, which does not allow the definition of user-defined character sets. He has a specific user requirement for the definition of user specified maths characters for advanced technical publications. In addition to being able to reference sets of privately defined characters, existing character sets need to be subsettable, by stating that specific sets of characters can or cannot be used in certain applications so that text in specific languages can be accurately validated.