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TITLE: Report of ISO/IEC 10036 Registration
SOURCE: Mr. Keisuke Kamimura
STATUS: Informal Liaison
ACTION: for information
DATE: 2005-05-21
DISTRIBUTION: SC34, SC34/WG2 and Liaisons

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Report of ISO/IEC 10036 Registration

1. Introduction

This document reports on the activities of the ISO/IEC 10036 Registration Authority since December 2004. The activities reported in this document include the following.

  • Change of the URI
  • New registration request

2. Change of the URI

Since its designation as Registration Authority, the Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM) maintained the web page at for distributing the information on the Registration Authority. However, due to the low stability and insufficient technical capability of the server, GLOCOM relocated the web page of the RA to a new server with a newly assigned domain name. Since April 2005, the web page for the RA is maintained at

For information, this does not imply any change in the glyph identifiers or their formal notation.

3. New registration requests

The Mojikyo Net, whose glyphs are assigned identifiers in the range of 10,000,000 through 10,999,999, has shown interest in placing additional registrations of approximately 100,000 glyphs. They requested that the existing glyph shape be replaced by the forth-coming shape because a large portion of their forth-coming registrations may coincide with existing ones from a character variants' perspective. However, considering that the mission of ISO/IEC 10036 Registration Authority is to provide persistent binding between a given glyph and an identifier, the RA decided it is not appropriate to modify glyph shape in the existing registrations.

The glyph identifiers are irrevokable. Once a glyph is registered and assigned an identifier by the Registration Authority, it becomes a public 'entity'. To make sure any third party may refer to the glyph without worrying about the future changes that may or may not take place, it is not appropriate to modify the binding between the glyph and identifier.