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TITLE: Montreal WG3 meeting notes
SOURCE: Mr. Lars Marius Garshol
STATUS: For information
ACTION: Review and comment
DATE: 2005-08-16
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

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Notes from WG3 meeting in Montréal, August 2005


The meeting reviewed the 2005-07-13 draft of TMDM and the 2005-07-20 draft of XTM, and made a number of decisions about minor issues with both. These decisions are recorded in N0656. The editors were instructed to produce new drafts for FDIS ballot as soon as possible.

Proposed ISO 13250-6: CTM

Professor Sam Oh presented a set of requirements and issues for a new part of ISO 13250, to be called Compact Topic Maps syntax (CTM). The meeting provided substantial feedback, and professor Oh and Gabriel Hopmans were instructed to produce a new version of the presentation based on feedback from the meeting. (Available as N0658.) In addition, professor Oh was instructed to prepare a new work item proposal based on this presentation.


The editors showed a presentation of their plans for the new draft of TMCL, and this was reviewed by the meeting. The editors were instructed to produce a new draft based on the discussion at the meeting.

The editors were also instructed to include in the new draft a mapping from TMCL to T+ constraints, in order to achieve internal consistency among the Topic Maps standards, and in order to evaluate the suitability of the T+ model.


The editors presented a TMQL tutorial, and also held an editors' meeting to evaluate the latest draft. Based on this, the editors were instructed to produce a proposal for a new path syntax, and a proposal for a formal semantics based on the T+ model.


The meeting reviewed the latest draft of TMRM, and presented the editors with feedback. (Notes about the feedback were made on paper, and so are not available.) The editors were instructed to prepare a new draft for circulation based on this feedback.

The editors requested that Robert Barta also be made editor of TMRM, as his Tau+ model now makes up the bulk of it. The meeting was generally favourable to this, but as SC34 as a whole needs to make this decision, nothing further will be done before the Atlanta meeting in November 2005.

Lars Marius Garshol was instructed to write a proposal for a TMDM representation in T+, to be posted for discussion as soon as possible. This representation is necessary for internal consistency in ISO 13250, as well as for use by TMQL. (Now available as N0659.)

Steve Newcomb was instructed to post emails with issues he has about the TMRM, for discussion on the sc34wg3 mailing list.


The meeting expresses its appreciation to IDEAlliance for providing a room, to Ricky for the projector screen, and to Steve Newcomb for providing a projector.