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TITLE: Report of SC34/WG2
SOURCE: Dr. Yushi Komachi
STATUS: Document for SC34 meeting in Atlanta
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2005-11-12
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

Dr. James David Mason
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Mr. G. Ken Holman
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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG2 N225rev

Report of SC34/WG2

1. ISO/IEC 10179, DSSSL

1.1 Amd.2: Extensions to multilingual and complicated document styles

As shown in WG2 N211 (Summary of voting on FDAM2 to ISO/IEC 10179), the FDAM2 text was approved without any objection and comments. Project editor checked the proof text and forwarded a list of change requests (WG2 N212) to the Secretariat in June 2005.

The Amd.2 was published in 2005-07-15.

2. ISO/IEC TR 19758, DSSSL Library

2.1 Amd.1: Extensions to Basic Composition Styles and Tables and Amd.2: Extensions to Multilingual Compositions (South-East Asian Compositions)

The Amd.1 and Amd.2 were published in 2005-07-01.

2.2 Amd.3: Extensions to Multilingual Compositions (North and South Asian Compositions)

As shown in WG2 N218 (JTC1 N7885, Summary of voting for JTC1 N7755: DAM3 to ISO/IEC TR 19758), the DAM3 text was approved without any objection and comments. Project editor comleted a proof checking (WG2 N219) in April 2005, responding to the ISOTC Notification dated of 2005-04-19.

The Amd.3 was published in 2005-08-15.

3. ISO/IEC 9541, Font information interchange

3.1 9541-3/Amd.1: Additional Shape Representation Technology

The FDAM1 text was circulated and the voting was terminated in 2005-08-17.

As shown in WG2 N223 (Summary of voting on ISO/IEC 9541-3/FDAM1), the FDAM1 text was approved without any objection and comments. Project editor checked the proof text and forwarded some corrections (WG2 N222) to the Secretariat in July 2005.

The Amd.1 was published in 2005-10-01.

3.2 9541-2/Amd.2: Extension to font reference

Project editors are creating a Working Draft for 9541-2/Amd.2. In the work they find that some additional properties should be defined in 9541-1. They should be dealt with in a new Corrigendum to 9541-1.

4. ISO/IEC 24754, Minimum requirements for specifying document rendering systems

4.1 Working Draft

Project editors are drafting the 2nd WD. They hold an adhoc meeting in Oct. 13 and 14 in Singapore and discussed some editing issues with Asian experts on the topic.

A technical magazine "Synthesis Journal 2005" has been published in Singapore. It includes an article on this new project in SC34: Minimum requirements for specifying document rendering systems.