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TITLE: Japanese comments on TMCL
SOURCE: Mr. Motomu Naito
PROJECT: CD 19756: Information Technology - Topic Maps - Constraint Language (TMCL)
PROJECT EDITOR: Mr. Dmitry Bogachev; Mr. Graham Moore; Ms. Mary Nishikawa
STATUS: Comments
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2005-11-15
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

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                                                          Japan comments
                                                            Motomu Naito

<!-- *********************************************************** -->
<!--   Comments on ISO/IEC 19756 Topic Maps Constraint Language  -->
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<< General comments >>

<< technical comments >>

1. Clause 4.1 Validation Semantics, 2nd paragraph, last sentence

   What is "localized configuration"?

2. Clause 4.2.1 Topic Map Schema item, 2nd paragraph,

   "Topic schemas consist of ... "
   should be 
   "Topic map schema consist of ... ".

3. Clause 4.2.4 Subtype Schema Item, 1st paragraph,

   Does "subtype relationship" mean supertype-subtype relationship?

4. Clause 4.3 Interpretation of TMCL-Schema

   What is "Interpretation of TMCL-Schema"?
   What relationships are there between "TMCL-Schema" and 
   "Interpretation of TMCL-Schema"?

<< Editorial comments >>

1. Clause 4.2.1 Topic Map Schema item

   The title "Topic Map Schema" has space between words, but in 
   the caption and sentence, "TopicMapSchema" is used. There is 
   no space between words. Is there any intention?

   The other items are the same.

2. Clause -

   There are no titles.
   They should be 
   OtherRoleOneOfConstraint and

3. Clause RoleAllPlayersFromConstraint, 

   In the expression of the "RoleAllPlayersFromConstraint interpretaion",
   some lines would be missing after "every" line.

4. Clause RoleOneOfConstraint,

   In the expression of the "RoleOneOfConstraint interpretaion",
   some lines would be missing after "every" line.

5. Clause 4.5.1 ConflictItem

   In the list of ConflictItem, there is "RoleIsUniqueConflictItem" 
   (last line),   but there is no corresponding Constraint in the 
   contents and clause 4.3.8.
   They should be match.