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TITLE: WG3 Meeting Notes, Montreal
SOURCE: Mr. Steve Pepper
STATUS: Meeting Notes
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2006-08-22
DISTRIBUTION: National bodies

Dr. James David Mason
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Mr. G. Ken Holman
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Summary of August 2006 Meeting of WG3

1. Compact Topic Maps Syntax (CTM)

Steve Pepper presented the Editors' first Working Draft (N776). Presentation and notes: [N786].

2. Topic Maps Constraint Language (TMCL)

Graham Moore and Dmitry Bogachev presented the latest draft and solicited input on certain issues that still required clarification. The results of the discussion will be worked into the next draft.

3. PSI Registry

Prof. Sam Oh presented some initial ideas and lead a discussion about the kind of metadata that should be kept in such a registry. Presentation and notes: [N787].

4. Graphical Topic Maps Notation (GTM)

Prof. Lee and Graham Moore presented some initial ideas and lead a discussion whose results will be incorporated into the forthcoming first working draft. Presentation: [N788].

5. Status of WG3 Projects pr. 2008-08-13

CD 13250-1: Topic Maps -- Overview and basic concepts

CD stage. New draft under preparation. [Previous draft].

ISO 13250-2: Topic Maps -- Data Model

Approved as IS and undergoing publication. [Final text].

FDIS 13250-3: Topic Maps -- XML Syntax

Undergoing final FDIS ballot. [Final text].

FCD 13250-4: Topic Maps -- Canonical XML Syntax

FCD stage. New draft under preparation. [Previous draft].

CD 13250-5: Topic Maps -- Reference Model

CD stage. New draft under preparation for CD ballot. [Previous draft].

WD 13250-6 Topic Maps -- Compact Syntax

New draft under preparation. [Previous draft].

WD 13250-7 Topic Maps -- Graphical Notation

First draft under preparation.

CD 18048 Topic Maps -- Query Language

Undergoing CD ballot. [Current draft].

CD 19756 Topic Maps -- Constraint Language

CD stage. New draft under preparation. [Previous draft].

Dublin Core in Topic Maps

Undergoing ballot as NWI. First draft under preparation.

Repositories for Published Subjects

Draft proposal under preparation with a view to a possible Technical Report.