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TITLE: Issues list for 13250-6 Topic Maps -- Compact Syntax
SOURCE: Mr. Lars Heuer
PROJECT: WD 13250-6: Information technology - Topic Maps - Compact syntax
PROJECT EDITOR: Mr. Lars Heuer; Mr. Gabriel Hopmans; Dr. Sam Gyun Oh
STATUS: Issues list
ACTION: For discussion at the Oslo meeting
DATE: 2007-02-22
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

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CTM - Issues for the ISO meeting March 22 through 24 2007 in Oslo

Some of the issues may also appear at the TMQL issue list. They have to be discussed only once.

Are templates topics?

Currently CTM uses a dedicated template syntax. If the committee decides to keep TMQL predicates / functions as topics, the CTM editors should convert templates into topics, too

CTM syntax

Since we received criticism at our previous draft, CTM has undergone a heavy syntax change.

We need information if we should go further down the road with the proposed syntax

How are topic maps reified?

We have different proposals: Either we use the same reification mechanizm as for other constructs or we use a dedicated syntax for it.

Proposal: Use a special topic ctm:self to reify the topic map instance

Do we need a different syntaxes for subject identifiers / subject locators

Currently we use the sid / slo syntax to assign subject identifiers resp. subject locators to topics.

Proposal: Use the syntax from section 3.3.4 Topic References to assign subject identifiers / locators to topics

Align supported datatypes with TMQL

TMQL and CTM should use the same datatypes, we need a review which datatypes are natively supported

Align syntax in general with TMQL

Does CTM contain syntax elements that do not play well with the syntax of TMQL?

Care should be taken for these syntactical constructs:

  • Syntax for atoms (literals / values)
  • Syntax for referring to topics via item identifier / subject identifier / subject locator
  • Syntax for reification
  • ... other elements like delimiters etc.