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TITLE: Draft NP Visual Topics and related Metadata
SOURCE: Mr. Motomu Naito
STATUS: Draft NP (not for ballot)
ACTION: For discussion at the Oslo meeting
DATE: 2007-02-22
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

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Date of presentation of proposal:




A proposal for a new work item shall be submitted to the secretariat of the ISO/IEC joint technical committee concerned with a copy to the ISO Central Secretariat.

Presentation of the proposal - to be completed by the proposer Guidelines for proposing and justifying a new work item are given in ISO Guide 26.


Visual Topics and related Metadata

ScopeThis proposed standard specifies how to handle visual topics and related Metadata

Purpose and justification
The purposes to make standardized visual topics and related metadata are:

  • enable uniform description and interoperability of visual topics,

  • encourage the usage of visual topics where textual topics have semantic limitation, and

  • improve the metadata support of visual topics

To support visual topics is a key issue to improve knowledge understanding according to various scopes. Also metadata framework for visual topics should benefit from existing standardized metadata sets such as VRA, AAT, CDWA...

Programme of work

If the proposed new work item is approved , which of the following document(s) is (are) expected to be developed?
____ a single International Standard more than one International Standard (expected number: ........ )
____ a multi-part International Standard consisting of .......... parts
_X__ an amendment or amendments to the following International Standard(s) ... 13250 part2, part3 and part4
____ a technical report , type ...........

Relevant documents to be considered

Cooperation and liaison

Preparatory work offered with target date(s)
Draft requirements


Will the service of a maintenance agency or registration authority be required? No
- If yes, have you identified a potential candidate? ................
- If yes, indicate name .............................................................

Are there any known requirements for coding? No
-If yes, please specify on a separate page

Are there any known requirements for cultural and linguistic adaptability? No
- If yes, please specify on a separate page

Does the proposed standard concern known patented items? No
- If yes, please provide full information in an annex

Comments and recommendations of the JTC 1 Secretariat - attach a separate page as an annex, if necessary

Comments with respect to the proposal in general, and recommendations thereon:
It is proposed to assign this new item to JTC 1/SC 34

Voting on the proposal - Each P-member of the ISO/IEC joint technical committee has an obligation to vote within the time limits laid down (normally three months after the date of circulation).

Date of circulation:

Closing date for voting:

Signature of Secretary:







A Business Requirement



A.1 Market Requirement

Essential _X_
Desirable ___
Supportive ___

Users of ISO/IEC 13250 require a standardized Visual Topic Maps.

A.2 Regulatory Context

Essential ___
Desirable ___
Supportive ___
Not Relevant _X_


B. Related Work



B.1 Completion/Maintence of current standards

Yes _X_

ISO/IEC 13250 part2, part3 and part4.

B.2 Commitment to other organization

Yes ___


B.3 Other Source of standards

Yes ___


C. Technical Status



C.1 Mature Technology

Yes _X_

Several Visual Topic Maps have been created and used by several organizations. So considerable experience has been gained.

C.2 Prospective Technology

Yes ___


C.3 Models/Tools

Yes ___


D. Conformity Assessment and Interoperability



D.1 Conformity Assessment

Yes ___


D.2 Interoperability

Yes ___


E. Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability

Yes _X_

It is a requirement that this standard will support multiple languages and the Unicode character encoding. This will be achieved in the project by using IRIs and supporting Unicode character encoding to describe the metadata.

F. Other Justification



Notes to Proforma

A. Business Relevance. That which identifies market place relevance in terms of what problem is being solved and or need being addressed.

A.1. Market Requirement. When submitting a NP, the proposer shall identify the nature of the Market Requirement, assessing the extent to which it is essential, desirable or merely supportive of some other project.

A.2 Technical Regulation. If a Regulatory requirement is deemed to exist - e.g. for an area of public concern e.g. Information Security, Data protection, potentially leading to regulatory/public interest action based on the use of this voluntary international standard - the proposer shall identify this here.

B. Related Work. Aspects of the relationship of this NP to other areas of standardization work shall be identified in this section.

B.1 Competition/Maintenance. If this NP is concerned with completing or maintaining existing standards, those concerned shall be identified here.

B.2 External Commitment. Groups, bodies, or fora external to JTC1 to which a commitment has been made by JTC for cooperation and or collaboration on this NP shall be identified here.

B.3 External Std/Specification. If other activities creating standards or specifications in this topic area are known to exist or be planned, and which might be available to JTC1 as PAS, they shall be identified here.

C. Technical Status. The proposer shall indicate here an assessment of the extent to which the proposed standard is supported by current technology.

C.1 Mature Technology. Indicate here the extent to which the technology is reasonably stable and ripe for standardization.

C.2 Prospective Technology. If the NP is anticipatory in nature based on expected or forecasted need, this shall be indicated here.

C.3 Models/Tools. If the NP relates to the creation of supportive reference models or tools, this shall be indicated here.

D. Conformity Assessment and Interoperability

D.1 Indicate here if Conformity Assessment is relevant to your project. If so, indicate how it is addressed in your project plan.

D.2 Indicate here if Interoperability is relevant to your project. If so, indicate how it is addressed in your project plan.

E. Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability  Indicate here if cultural and linguistic adaptability is applicable to your project. If so, indicate how it is addressed in your project plan.

F. Other Justification  Any other aspects of background information justifying this NP shall be indicated here.