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TITLE: Call for Proposals: Information technology - Topic Maps - Graphical notation 13250-7
SOURCE: Mr. Lars Marius Garshol
PROJECT: WD 13250-7: Information technology - Topic Maps - Graphical notation
PROJECT EDITOR: Prof. Jaeho Lee; Mr. Graham Moore
STATUS: Call for proposals
ACTION: Please consider enclosed instructions regarding submissions for the upcoming Oslo meeting
DATE: 2007-02-22
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

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Mr. G. Ken Holman
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GTM: Call For Proposals

ISO has started a process to create a new standard called Graphical notation for Topic Maps (GTM, or ISO 13250-7). In this connection ISO would like input from the user community in the form of GTM proposals. These proposals will be evaluated at the ISO meeting in Oslo, March 22-24 2007.

How to submit a proposal

If you would like to submit a proposal, please send an email to the editors (Lars Marius Garshol <[email protected]> and professor Jaeho Lee <[email protected]>) stating your intent to submit. The editors will then help you produce a submission.

All submissions must be received by the editors on March 16th at the latest. (It's OK to just send in a submission without stating your intent first, as well, but we'd appreciate being warned in advance, as this simplifies planning.)

What should be in a proposal

A proposal can be on any level of formality. A set of example diagrams you have used to document an ontology can be sent in as a proposal. Similarly, a fully developed and specified graphical notation can also be submitted as a proposal. The minimum requirement is that you submit:

  • An HTML or PDF file describing your proposal
  • A set of example diagrams showing the proposal in use
  • Some text explaining the notation used

The more formal and complete the proposal is, the greater will be its impact at the meeting, but any proposal is in principle welcome.

Accepted proposals will be published in the SC34 document repository as ISO working documents.

At the meeting

If your proposal is accepted for review, you will be invited to attend the GTM part of the meeting to present your proposal in person. This is not required, but helps ensure that your proposal is properly understood and appreciated by the committee. The length of these presentations is not known at the moment, as it will necessarily depend on the number of proposals received.

If you do not attend the meeting the editors will present your proposal to the committee on your behalf, based on the submitted document. In this case you will most likely receive questions from the editors by email in order to clarify points which are not clear.