Online informative "annexes" for ISO/IEC 29500 (OOXML)

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This page provides online informative "annexes" for ISO/IEC 29500. Although they are not real annexes, they provide useful information for understanding ISO/IEC 29500.

Most of these "annexes" are automatically generated from schemas and other data.

Information on elements, attributes, and OPC parts

List of OPC parts, schemas, and root elements

Annex K. (informative) "Root Element Locations" of Part 1 shows the location of each part's root element within the set of normative XML Schema files provided in Annex A. Here we give a CSV file containing triplets: (OPC part, schema, root element). This CSV file was used for creating RELAX NG schemas from XSD schemas.

Occurrences of Elements in OPC Parts

It is not easy to tell which OOXML element appears in which OPC part. Here we provide a csv file for each OPC part. Each line shows an OOXML element name, which is a (namespace name, local name) pair. We also provide a CSV file for all OPC parts. Each line shows an element name and an OPC part name.

We used the combination of the original multi-part standard (ISO/IEC 29500:2008), the first set of technical corrigenda, and the first set of amendments.


These csv files are also available as a zip file.


These csv files are also available as a zip file.

Note that VML_Drawing.csv is added.

Programs for generating these csv files

The above CSV files were generated from OOXML schemas in RELAX NG. Since the RELAX NG schema for each OPC part specifies permissible root elements, it is possible to determine which element can appear in which OPC part, by enumerating reachable elements.

The programs are under MIT license, and are available