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TITLE: SC34/WG2 policy on Open Font Format
SOURCE: Dr. Yushi Komachi
PROJECT: FCD 9541-4: Information technology - Font information interchange - Part 4: Open Font Format
PROJECT EDITOR: Dr. Yushi Komachi
STATUS: WG2 Document
ACTION: For information
DATE: 2006-08-09
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

Dr. James David Mason
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Mr. G. Ken Holman
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SC34/WG2 policy on Open Font Format

Policy 1:

In accordance with the basic strategy proposed by SC34 Chair, Jim Mason, SC34/WG2 carries out the project of 9541-4 to develop a dual-numbered document in conjunction with the project of 14496-22 prepared by SC29/WG11.

Policy 2:

SC34/WG2 received a liaison statement from SC29/WG11. It emphasizes that the technical content of the standard should remain exactly the same as the OpenType format specification.

During the Seoul meeting, SC34/WG2 will create a response document to SC29/WG11. The response will include the SC34/WG2 position that SC34/WG2 agrees with no change of the technical specification, and include minor editorial comments on the Scope and Normative references.

Basically WG2 doesn't wish to disturb the development of the international standard of Open Font Format.

Policy 3:

Just after the FDIS circulation, WG2 will ask SC34 Secretariat to contact with JTC1 publication staff confirming how to proceed the publication of dual-numbered standard.

Policy 4:

SC34/WG2 actually recognizes some problems that the 9541-4 will cause some inconvenience with the specifications of existing font standards 9541-1, -2 and -3.

SC34/WG2 believes it will be solved by developing some amendments to existing 9541. Today SC34 has a project of Amd.2 to 9541-2. Including the requirement for harmonizing with 9541-4, the work of the Amd.2 to 9541-2 will have some delay in the schedule. Besides, some additional amendments may be required.