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UK comments on Proposed SC 34 Structure - SC 34 N003


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UK comments on Proposed SC 34 Structure - SC 34 N003

UK comments on Proposed SC 34 Structure - SC 34 N003

The UK thanks the US National Body for preparing this document which the UK suggests should be used as a base document from which the structure of SC 34 is developed. The UK basically agrees with the proposal to establish Working Groups for the three main technical areas of the work. However, the scope of each working group should be clearly defined without any caveat. Any subsequent changes to the scopes should only be made after appropriate consultation of SC 34 members in, liaison with JTC 1 if necessary.

The UK currently cannot agree to the establishment of the Management/Advisory/ Architecture standing committee as currently defined. The UK sees benefit in some form of advisory group that can formulate architectural requirements and make recommendations on the business plan and public relations. However, no decisions can be made on behalf SC34 without the proper consultation of all member NBs. Furthermore, all changes to the work plan should be submitted to JTC 1 member NBs for ballot before resources are committed.

The UK will support the formation of an Advisory/Architecture WG to make recommendations to the full committee provided that group is not granted executive powers. Business plans should be based on the currently approved programme of work and are a matter for the whole committee. The UK suggests that the conventional meeting of HoDC is the correct forum for any initial discussions prior to full consultation of all Member NBs.