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TITLE: Liaison Request from CJK DOCP
STATUS: Document for SC34/WG2 meeting in Granada
ACTION: For information
DATE: 20 April 1999
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons
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Information Technology --
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TITLE: Liaison Request from CJK DOCP
STATUS: Document for SC34/WG2 meeting in Granada
ACTION: 1999-04-19
DISTRIBUTION: SC34/WG2 and Liaisons

Liaison Request from CJK DOCP

CJK DOCP (China/Japan/Korea Document Processing Meeting) is a non-profit open group for Standardization of East Asian document processing technology required for document interchange among Asia Pacific countries, intending to apply ISO/IEC JTC1/SC18/WG8 and SC34 developed standards to East Asian document environments (see Attachment).

CJK DOCP wishes to establish informal liaison with SC34/WG2.


                                updated in 1999-01-23


Introduction to the
CJK DOCP (China/Japan/Korea Document Processing) Meeting
- For New Members -


Yushi Komachi


For Information


Members of CJK DOCP


Originally the following documents were created for the 6th CJK DOCP meeting to explain what is CJK DOCP, since it was the first CJK DOCP held in Singapore and a number of new members were expected to participate:

- CJK-DOCP/94-30,
- CJK-DOCP/94-31, and
- CJK-DOCP/94-32.

The documents include scope, meaning and activities of the CJK DOCP.

Those documents were merged into CJK-DOCP/95-5 and distributed in the 7th CJK-DOCP meeting in Kanazawa, Japan. The CJK-DOCP/95-5 is revised and updated to be this document.

1. Scope

Standardization for East Asian document processing technology required for document interchange among Asia Pacific countries, intending to apply ISO/IEC JTC1/SC18/WG8 developed standards to East Asian document environments.

2. Organization

CJK DOCP is a non-profit open group consists of experts who are interested in:

  • SGML description for CJK documents
  • CJK multilingual hypermedia documents
  • Fonts of CJK documents
  • Document style for CJK environment
  • Glyph treatment for CJK environment
  • CJK multilingual linguistic-markup
  • CJK multimedia application

3. Liaison

CJK DOCP takes liaisonship with:

  • AFII (Association for Font Information Interchange)
  • EBTI (Electronic Buddhist Text Initiative)
  • PNC (Pacific Neighborhood Consortium)

4. Activities (meetings)

  • 1st meeting, July 9-10, 1992, in Sapporo, Japan
  • 2nd meeting, Nov.26-27, 1992, in Kenting, Taiwan
  • 3rd meeting, July 21-22, 1993, in Seoul, Korea
  • 4th meeting, Nov.25-26, 1993, in Okinawa, Japan
  • 5th meeting, May 23-24, 1994, in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 6th meeting, Oct.7, 1994, in Singapore
  • 7th meeting, March 2-3, 1995, in Kanazawa, Japan
  • 8th meeting, Sept.14-15, 1995, in Fairbanks, US
  • 9th meeting, Sept.23-24, 1996, in Sydney, Australia
  • 10th meeting, Feb.20-21, 1997, in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 11th meeting, Oct.21-22, 1997, in Kyoto, Japan
  • 12th meeting, Jan.21-22, 1999, in Taipei, Taiwan

5. Importance for standardization of East Asian specific issues on document processing and interchange

ISO/IEC JTC1 standards are developed enough generically to be applied to a number of applications in a number of countries. When actually using them, we face to some requirements for specification on details. As far as domestic document processing and interchange are concerned, the detail specification and profiling can be defined within a domestic committee. When we treat such documents as could be interchanged among several countries, however, we have to define the detail specification with the discussion performed by the experts of related countries.

As for East Asian documents, there is strong requirements for their interchange, and besides there is technical similarity in their processing. The East Asian specific issues in document processing and interchange based on ISO/IEC developed standards are:

(1) Logical Documents described by SGML and HyTime
  • treatment of multiple octet coded representation of East Asian characters
  • description of corpus structure and identification or registration of corpus attributes
(2) Specification of Formatting and Laying out
  • vertical alignment and the related formatting, e.g., mixture of vertical and horizontal alignments
  • inline notes and top notes
  • mixture of descriptions with different types of alignment lines, e.g., mixture of center-aligned Japanese description and base-aligned English description
(3) Hyper Document
  • description of relationship between corresponding objects in interlaced or separated multilingual documents
  • location specification in character stings which consist of different languages
(4) Fonts
  • definition of additional properties required for performing East Asian formatting and laying out
  • East Asian common font(s) for interchanging SPDL documents without distortion of page image

6. Procedure to create CJK recommendation

At the 5th meeting Prof. Ju proposed a question about how to create CJK recommendation on multilingual documents. Major points of his question are:

  • Project editor is an expert of document processing and standardization. However, he is not always enough knowledge about multilingual documents.
  • Even in each member country, it is almost difficult to discuss about multilingual documents.

After the discussions in the meeting, we concluded that the following procedure makes it possible to develop CJK recommendation on multilingual documents:

  • (1) Project editor drafts the recommendation with his capability on languages.
  • (2) After the discussion on it within CJK DOCP, it should be distributed in each member country for review from the coutry's point of view.
  • (3) Each country provides comments on it to CJK DOCP and the project editor.
  • (4) The project editor provides disposition of the comments to CJK DOCP. CJK DOCP discusses and accepts the disposition.
  • (5) According to the disposition, the project editor revise the recommendation to complete it.

If necessary, the step (2)-(5) should be repeated.

7. Members of CJK DOCP


   Prof. Soo-Youn Lee 
      Comp/Inst;      Dept. of Comp. Engineering
                      Kwangwoon University
      Fax      ;     +82 2 917 6147 
   Prof. Jae Chan Namkung 
      Comp/Inst;      Dept. of Comp. Engineering
                      Kwangwoon University
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +82 2 917 6147
   Mr. Yong-Hwan Jeon 
      Comp/Inst;      Samsung, SW business Team 
      Email    ;      [email protected] 
      Fax      ;      +82 2 569 9534
   Mr. In-Soo Jang
      Comp/Inst;      National Computerization Agency 
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +82 331 284 2752


   Prof. Ching-Chun Hsieh 
      Comp/Inst;      Inst. of Inf. Science Academia Sinica
      Email    ;      ([email protected]), [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +886 2 783 6444 
   Prof. Shy-Ming Ju  
      Comp/Inst;      Dept. of Information Management Technology
                      National Institute of Technology at Kaohsiung
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +886 7 6011042
   Prof. Keh-Yih Su 
      Comp/Inst;      Dept. of Electrical Engng 
                      National Tsing Hua Univ.
      Email    ;      [email protected] 
      Fax      ;     +886 35 770 459  
   Mr. Sheu JingTean
      Comp/Inst;      Institute for Information Industry
      Fax      ;      +886 2 737 7211 
   Mr. Juang Derming
      Comp/Inst;      Sinica Taiwan 
      Email    ;      [email protected] 
      Fax      ;      +886 2 783 6444 
   Mr. Li Longjiang
      Comp/Inst;      Beijing Formax Co., Ltd.
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      8610 62010994
   Mr. Zhu Zhongxing
      Comp/Inst;      Beijing Formax Co., Ltd.
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      8610 62010994


   Prof. Low Hwee-Boon  
      Comp/Inst;      Inst. of Systems Science
                      National Univ. of Singapore 
      Email    ;      [email protected] 
      Fax      ;      +65 774 4998
   Prof. Kennedy Chew 
      Comp/Inst;      Info. Tech. Institute 
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +65 777 3043


   Prof. Lewis Lancaster  
      Comp/Inst;      Dept. of East Asians Languages
                      Univ. of California, Berkeley 
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +1 510 642 6031 
   Prof. Howie Lan  
      Comp/Inst;      Inst. Tech. Program, UCBerkeley 
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +1 510 642 6361 
   Prof. John Lehman
      Comp/Inst;      Univ. of Alaska
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +1 907 474 5219
   Mr. Hung C. Truong
      Comp/Inst;      Customer Services Division
                      Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +1 206 662 8698
   Ms. Susan Stone
      Comp/Inst;      Museum Informatics Project, UCBerkeley
      Email    ;      [email protected]


   Mr. Rick Jelliffe
      Comp/Inst;      Allette Systems 
      Email    ;      [email protected], [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +61 2 262 4774
   Ms. Hong Jiang
      Comp/Inst;      Allette Systems 
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +61 2 262 4774


   Mr. C. Wittern 
      Comp/Inst;      Univ. of Goettingen
      Email    ;      [email protected], [email protected]


   Prof. Alexander A. Stolyarov 
      Comp/Inst;      Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian
                      Academy of Science 	
      Email    ;      [email protected]


   Mr. Satoshi Imago  
      Comp/Inst;      Info. and Comm. R&D Center
                      RICOH Co., Ltd. 
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +81 45 477 1562 
   Mr. Yasuhiro Okui  
      Comp/Inst;      Nihon Unitec
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +81 3 5570 9774 
   Mr. Satoshi Tsuchiya 
      Comp/Inst;      Fujitsu 
      Email    ;      [email protected]
   Prof. Eiji Matsuoka  
      Comp/Inst;      Tokyo Gakugei Univ. 
      Email    ;      [email protected] 
      Fax      ;      +81 422 76 0737
   Mr. Yukihiro Furuse
      Comp/Inst;      Glocom
@@@Email    ;      [email protected]
@ Mr. Masayuki Hiyama, etc.
      Comp/Inst;      Glocom
      Email    ;      [email protected] 
   Prof. A. Charles Muller
      Comp/Inst;      Tokyo Gakuen University
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +81 471 50 3006
   Mr. Naota Ishikawa
      Comp/Inst;      Keio Univ.
      Email    ;      [email protected]
   Mr. Yasushi Koike
      Locatin  ;      Univ. of Tokyo
      Email    ;      [email protected]
   Mr. Akihiro Kawamura
      Email    ;      [email protected]
   Dr. Yushi Komachi
      Comp/Inst;      Panasonic/MGCS
      Email    ;      [email protected]
      Fax      ;      +81 3 5445 3663