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TITLE: Resolution of FCD 15445 ballot comments
SOURCE: Editors of ISO/IEC 15445
STATUS: WG3 approved disposition of comments
REFERENCES: SC34 N0010 Final CD Text for ISO/IEC 15445 (ISO HTML)
SC34 N0011 Final CD Ballot for ISO/IEC 15445 (ISO HTML)
Final Draft International Standard ISO/IEC 15445 (ISO HTML)
ACTION: For information
DATE: April 22nd, 1999
DISTRIBUTION: SC34 and Liaisons

Resolution of FCD 15445 ballot comments and Preparation of FDIS

Comments were received from the National Bodies of Japan and the UK. The editors also received editing instructions from Mr. John Spangler of the ISO.


The National Body of Japan approved the Final Committee Draft of HTML (ISO/IEC FCD 15445, SC 34 N 0010) with the following comments:

  1. 7. Synonyms and abbreviations, title and line 1
    The "synonyms" should be replaced with symbols

  2. 7. Synonyms and abbreviations, HTML and SGML
    The full spellings should be added to HTML and SGML.

  3. 7. Synonyms and abbreviations, URI
    The full spelling of URI should be Uniform Resource Identifier, being based on RFC2396.

  4. 7. Synonyms and abbreviations, URL
    RFC1738 should be replaced with RFC 2396.

  5. 7. Synonyms and abbreviations, each item
    The each item should be assigned with a sequential number 7.1, 7.2, ….

  6. 6. Definitions, CRLF
    ISO 646:1983 should replace with ISO/IEC 646:1991.

  7. 6. Definitions, each item
    The each item should be assigned with a sequential number 6.1, 6.2, ….

  8. 11. Invocation
    The description "ISO 15445" should be replaced with "ISO/IEC 15455".

All 8 comments are accepted. The editors wish to thank the Japanese NB experts for their careful reading of FCD 15445 which has much improved the quality of the text.


The UK has no comments on the technical content of the draft standard however there are two issues of concern to the UK National Body that need resolution.

  1. Copyright
    The Copyright Notice that is contained on page 1 of SC34 N0010 is unacceptable in an International Standard published by ISO.

    Accepted. The Copyright Notice will not appear in the final text of the Standard.

  2. Links to other texts not under the control of ISO
    The UK National Body has concerns that a reader following the links in an online version of ISO/IEC 15445 could be misled into thinking that all subordinate documents have been endorsed by ISO. For example, the UK NB followed links to a page containing an online order form for Dave Raggett's book on HTML 4.0. ISO has no control over the content of third party documents that are referenced by links and it should be made clear that access to documents below the first level of subordination is outside of the control of ISO ITTF.

    Accepted in principle. ISO/IEC 15445 contains electronic links to the referenced specification, and indicates clearly the clauses within that document that are referenced normatively. The position of SC34 is that any further references contained within that document should be regarded in the same way as they would in a printed version of the Standard, i.e. they should be deemed to be the responsibility of the owner of the document immediately referenced by the Standard (in this case, the W3C).

ISO editing instructions

The editors have received editing instructions from Mr. John Spangler of the ISO regarding ISO-HTML. These have been applied where possible, however the issue of copyright requires special attention. This is dealt with in the reply to Mr. Spangler which is included in the annex to this contribution.

Preparation of the FDIS

Following application of the NB comments and the ISO editing instructions, the editors have prepared the Final Draft International Standard for submission to the SC34 secretariat.

NB experts wishing to bookmark the Final Draft International Standard should use the Permanent URL: This URL is indirect and is resolved at the moment of reference to an ephemeral physical reference. Some popular browsers, when asked to "bookmark" a document, bookmark the physical reference. It may be necessary to use the browser's bookmark facilities to establish the correct Permanent URL.

NOTE: The User's Guide to ISO/IEC 15445 is available at This is not an ISO/IEC document.

Files containing the SGML Declaration and the Document Type Definition specified by ISO/IEC 15445 (ISO-HTML) are also available:

Annex: Letter in reply to ISO editing instructions

The following text is a draft of an e-mail reply that the editors have prepared to be sent to Mr. John Spangler of the ISO in reply to his editing instructions.

Hello John,

David Abrahamson and I are the two co-editors of ISO/IEC 15445, aka
ISO-HTML. This project is original in a number of ways, and we seek
your advice on the correct manner of applying the editing
instructions concerning copyright dated 99.03.01.

The ISO/IEC will not own the technical content of this Standard, which
belongs to the W3C. We have worked closely with the W3C, and the
editor of the W3C Recommendation for HTML 4.0 participated in our
editing work as an Invited Expert, advising us on the sections from
the Recommendation that we should use.

Since ISO-HTML uses material which is already copyrighted by others we
use the copyright statement

   Copyright (C) 1999 IETF, W3C (MIT, Inria, Keio), ISO/IEC.
                      All rights reserved.

Best Regards,
Roger Price                    Dept of Computer Science, UMass Lowell

Roger Price   [email protected]
David Abrahamson   [email protected]