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Draft Agenda, Regular Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG3, Document Description and Processing Languages: Information Association, 3-5 August 2002, Montréal, Canada


Steve Pepper, Convener of SC34/WG3


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Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda

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The Working Group will meet on August 3rd-5th to continue work on the Reference Model and Standard Application Model for ISO 13250.


26 August 2002


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Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda for August 2002
Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG3
Document Description and Processing Languages:
Information Description

Dates: 3-5 August 2002

Location: Wyndham Montreal Hotel, Montréal, Quebec, Canada


The WG will convene at 9am on Saturday 5th August 2002. Full day meetings will be held on Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, and Monday 7th August 2002.

In the absence of the WG3 convenor, Steve Pepper, the meeting will be convened by the convenor of SC34, James D. Mason. Primary responsibility for the agenda will rest with Lars Marius Garshol and Graham Moore (responsible for the Standard Application Model), and Steven R. Newcomb and Michel Biezunski (responsible for the Reference Model).

Draft Agenda

1. Formalities

Greetings, roll call, discussion of agenda, meeting times, and the like.

2. Further work on ISO 13250 Topic Maps

The meeting will focus on technical issues relating to the further development of ISO 13250 Topic Maps, in particular:

  • The Standard Application Model
  • The XTM syntax specification
  • The Reference Model

The following issues are expected to be given priority:

  • What do locators reference, and what are the consequences of that? (issue: locator-reference)
  • How is the unconstrained scope to be represented ("all subjects" or "any subjects")? (issues: scope-unconstrained-rep & prop-scope-structure)
  • What to do about the topic naming constraint? (issue: topic-naming-constraint)

Relevant documents are:

Further material, including an anticipated new draft of the Standard Application Model will be available prior to the meeting from the SAM area on the WG3 web site.