JTC 1 / SC 34 N 434


 English Title: Extensions to DSSSL
 Document reference: ISO/IEC 10179:1996/FDAmd 1  Committee: ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 34
 Start date:  End date:
 Secretariat: ANSI  Voting stage: Approval
 Status: Closed  Version: 1

The project leader, Japan, is requested

to take the national body comments into

consideration when preparing the final text

for publication


Result of voting on ISO/IEC 10179:1996/FDAmd 1

P-Members voting: 13 in favour out of 13 = 100% (requirement >= 66.66%)

(P-Members having abstained are not counted in this vote.)

Member bodies voting: 0 negative votes out of 17 = 0% (requirement <= 25%)


 Country Ascending Sort   Member   Participation   Voted 
 Australia  SAI  P Member Abstention
 Belgium  IBN  P Member Approval
 Canada  SCC  P Member Approval with corrections below
 China  SAC  P Member Approval
 Cuba  NC  O Member Approval
 Czech Republic  CSNI  P Member Approval
 Denmark  DS  P Member Abstention
 Egypt  EOS  O Member Approval
 Finland  SFS  P Member Approval
 France  AFNOR  P Member Approval
 Germany  DIN  P Member Abstention
 Hungary  MSZT  O Member Approval
 Ireland  NSAI  P Member Approval
 Italy  UNI  P Member
 Japan  JISC  P Member Approval
 Korea, Republic of  KATS  P Member Approval
 Netherlands  NEN  P Member
 New Zealand  SNZ  P Member Approval
 Norway  NSF  P Member Approval
 Russian Federation  GOST R  O Member Approval
 Singapore  SPRING SG  P Member Abstention
 South Africa  SABS  P Member Abstention
 Sweden  SIS  P Member Abstention
 Switzerland  SNV  P Member Abstention
 United Kingdom  BSI  P Member Approval with corrections below
 USA  ANSI  Secretariat Approval


National Body Comments

MB1 Clause No./
Subclause No./
(e.g. 3.1)
(e.g. Table 1)
Type of com-ment2 Comment (justification for change) by the MB Proposed change by the MB Secretariat observations
on each comment submitted





We note an editorial item in row 0009 of table F.1 where the default value should be "no space before".







The UK has serious concerns over the use of the English language in this draft, which has been prepared by the Japanese Project Editor.  The UK assumes that the ISO/CS editors will prepare a corrected text and the UK requests that the edited draft is circulated to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 for final confirmation that the technical intent has not been changed before the Amendment is published