JTC 1/SC 34 - Document Description and Processing Languages - XML production of standards

This is a distribution of the work done by each of the working groups using XML in the production of documents suitable for sending to the ITTF. The contents are not intended to be static or be preserved, and final versions of these will be published as a technical report.

1. Working group efforts


A project has begin in SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/tr9573amd.

At this point work from that project and from two working groups are collected in is-20060307-0220z for distribution and test. Any XSLT and XSL-FO processor can be used, though the test invocation scripts utilize a digital-signature-aware version of the Ibex processor (see last section below). The invocations supplied are for Windows-based systems but the files can be used in non-Windows environments with your own invocations.

Unpack the package into a fresh directory and you will find two directories wg1 and wg3. The test.bat file must be modified with either (a) the path to the JAR file for the location of the digital-signature-aware Ibex FO processor or (b) the XSL-FO invocation changed to invoke another brand of FO engine.

Go into each working group directory and run "..\test wg1" or "..\test wg3" as appropriate to produce the sample test files:

T:\>mkdir test

T:\test>cd test 

T:\test\test>wzunzip -d \is 
WinZip(R) Command Line Support Add-On Version 1.0 (Build 3181)
Copyright (c) WinZip Computing, Inc. 1991-2000 - All Rights Reserved

Zip file: \is.zip

unzipping index.html
unzipping test.bat
unzipping ibexconfig.xml
unzipping wg1/is-fo.xsl
unzipping wg1/is.rnc
unzipping wg1/manifest-wg1.xml
unzipping wg1/test-wg1.pdf
unzipping wg1/test-wg1.xml
unzipping wg3/ibexconfig.xml
unzipping wg3/is-common.xsl
unzipping wg3/is-fo.xsl
unzipping wg3/is-html.xsl
unzipping wg3/is.rnc
unzipping wg3/manifest-wg3.xml
unzipping wg3/test-wg3.pdf
unzipping wg3/test-wg3.xml
unzipping wg3/xtm-processed.dtd
unzipping wg3/xtm-processed.xsd
unzipping wg3/xtm.rnc
unzipping 9573-11-a1/stdex.css
unzipping 9573-11-a1/stdex.rnc
unzipping 9573-11-a1/stdex.xsl
unzipping 9573-11-a1/stdex_back.xsl
unzipping 9573-11-a1/stdex_front.xsl
unzipping 9573-11-a1/stdex_toc.xsl
unzipping 9573-11-a1/WD_Amd.1_9573-11.doc

T:\test\test>cd wg1 

T:\test\test\wg1>call ..\test wg1 

T:\test\test\wg1>call jing -c is.rnc test-wg1.xml 

T:\test\test\wg1>java  -Dibexconfig=..\ibexconfig.xml -jar p:\xml\xslfo\ibex\ibex-crane-ss.jar -manifest manifest-wg1.xml -xml test-wg1.xml -xsl is-fo.xsl -pdf test-wg1.pdf 
info:Ibex PDF Creator 3.9.4/2460 [JAVA][S] running
info:loading config from ..\ibexconfig.xml
info:doing XSLT transform
info:doing XSLT transform to temp file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ibextmp11784.tmp (will be deleted)
info:XSLT transform completed
info:deleting temporary file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ibextmp11784.tmp

T:\test\test\wg1>cd ..\wg3 

T:\test\test\wg3>call ..\test wg3 

T:\test\test\wg3>call jing -c is.rnc test-wg3.xml 

T:\test\test\wg3>java  -Dibexconfig=..\ibexconfig.xml -jar p:\xml\xslfo\ibex\ibex-crane-ss.jar -manifest manifest-wg3.xml -xml test-wg3.xml -xsl is-fo.xsl -pdf test-wg3.pdf 
info:Ibex PDF Creator 3.9.4/2460 [JAVA][S] running
info:loading config from ..\ibexconfig.xml
info:doing XSLT transform
info:doing XSLT transform to temp file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ibextmp8562.tmp (will be deleted)
info:XSLT transform completed
(warnings suppressed)
info:deleting temporary file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ibextmp8562.tmp

2. Digitally-signed stylesheets


The "Ibex Signature Edition" engine configured for Crane's stylesheets is available as a free download from the "Downloads" page linked from the Visual Programming Ltd. web site noted above, or temporarily directly from http://www.xmlpdf.com/ibex-downloads-signed.html.

Until further notice, this environment is only supported under Java 1.4.

We thank Ibex for allowing their technology to be used in this fashion. The evaluation copy of Ibex can be used for tests of modifications to the stylesheets, and the Secretariat Manager will digitally sign finalized stylesheets for use by committee members.

$Date: 2006/03/07 02:25:08 $